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Menarini Group and Insilico Medicine Ink Exclusive Deal for Novel KAT6 Inhibitor in Oncology, Including Breast Cancer Treatment

KAT6 is an emerging target in hormone sensitive breast tumors and other cancers. Overexpression of KAT6A/B correlates with poor clinical outcomes in...

 January 05, 2024 | News

Merck Broadens Colorectal Cancer Portfolio via Licensing Deal with Inspirna

First-in-class ompenaclid (RGX-202) currently in Phase II development for RAS-mutated advanced or metastatic colorectal cancer Collaboration includes ex...

 January 05, 2024 | News

Clover's SCB-219M Shows Positive Phase I Results for Chemotherapy-Induced Thrombocytopenia (CIT) Treatment

--All CIT patients maintained platelet counts >75 x 109/L at 1-week following chemotherapy plus a single dose of SCB-219M, with durable responses t...

 December 29, 2023 | News

RemeGen's RC88 Granted FDA IND Approval for Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer

  The open-label, randomized, dose optimization phase 2 study aims to enroll participants in multiple countries to further clarify the optimal dosage...

 December 29, 2023 | News

BioCity Doses First Patient in Phase Ib/II Trial of BC3402 Anti-TIM-3 mAb with IMFINZI for Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma

The study is being conducted at Zhongshan Hospital with Prof. Jia Fan as the principal investigator. Dr. Fan is a world-renowned liver cancer sur...

 December 21, 2023 | News

Advancing Lung Cancer Treatment: Insights from Professor Benjamin Solomon on the ALINA Study and the Future of ALK-Positive NSCLC

In an exclusive BioPharma APAC interview, Professor Benjamin Solomon, a distinguished Medical Oncologist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Australia, a...

 December 18, 2023 | News

SeekIn and OncoInv Partner to Enhance Global Access to Cancer Detection Tests and Address Disparities in Cancer Care

SeekIn Inc, a leader in blood-based cancer early detection and monitoring technology, announced a strategic collaboration with Oncolnv, a fully-owned affil...

 December 15, 2023 | News

Singapore Introduces New Treatment for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients with BRAFV600E Mutation

Pierre Fabre Singapore receives approval from the Ministry of Health  (“MOH”), Singapore, for the listing of BRAFTOVI on the Cancer Drug L...

 December 15, 2023 | News

Virtual twin to improve treatment with cancer immunotherapies

In recent years, cancer immunotherapies have established themselves as a further pillar of medical oncology alongside traditional treatment options (surger...

 December 14, 2023 | News

Inside the World of Cell Therapies: Illuminating the Future of Cancer Care

The Rise of Cell Therapies in Cancer Care Recent years have witnessed significant strides in the development and application of cell therapies for cancer ...

 December 13, 2023 | News

Examining Financial Ruin, Advocating for Change, and Fostering Collaboration in Cancer Care Economics Across the Asia Pacific Region

In a recent email interview with BioPharma APAC, Dr. Nirmala Bhoo-Pathy, a distinguished Professor of (Clinical) Epidemiology at the Faculty of Medicine, U...

 December 13, 2023 | News

Combatting Cancer Disparities: Addressing Challenges and Expanding Access to Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

In an exclusive email interview with BioPharma APAC, Carmen Auste, the CEO of Cancer Warriors Foundation Philippines and Vice President of Cancer Coalition...

 December 13, 2023 | News

First Patient Dosed in U.S. Access Program for Telix's TLX250-CDx Kidney Cancer Imaging

The patient was dosed at ARA Diagnostic Imaging at Austin Radiological Association in Austin (TX, U.S.) following U.S. Food and Drug Administrati...

 December 12, 2023 | News

Zhongchao Inc. Partners with Public Health Foundation for Cancer Treatment Advancements

The Project offers free Doxorubicin Hydrochloride Liposome Injections to low-income patients with breast cancer, lymphoma, Kaposi's sarcoma, ovarian cancer...

 December 12, 2023 | News


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