14 November, 2023 | Tuesday | News

Hong Chow discusses Merck's ambitious €25 billion sales goal, sustainability initiatives, innovation priorities, and fostering a high-impact culture in the Asia-Pacific region

In an exclusive interview by BioPharma APAC , Hong Chow, Executive Vice President and Head of China & International for Merck's Healthcare business, provides valuable insights into Merck's strategic initiat...


27 November, 2023 | Monday | News

Pioneering a New Era in Biopharmaceuticals: Hilleman Laboratories' CEO, Raman Rao, Showcases Cutting-edge ACES Facility and Global Health Initiatives

In an exclusive interview with BioPharma APAC, Raman Rao, the Chief Executive Officer of Hilleman Laboratories Singapore, delves into the transformative capabilities of the ACES cGMP facility and the strategic ...


28 November, 2023 | Tuesday | Opinion

Is Asia ready to be the next global biotech hub?

  As outlined in Cytiva’s 2023 Global Biopharma Resilience Index, economies such as Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Australia, are able to provide a whole-of-nation support to the cause by putting...

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30 November, 2023 | Thursday | News

Merck Expands Newest Biologics Testing Center in Shanghai

Further develops its biosafety testing laboratories to meet local demand New labs complete 2nd phase of company’s € 29 million Biologics Testing Center opened in 2022 Enhances BioR...

Consumer Health

29 November, 2023 | Wednesday | News

Roche's Ying Ying Yeoh Explores the Power of Public-Private Partnerships in Shaping Healthcare's Future in Asia Pacific

    Ying Ying Yeoh, a key figure at Roche, shares insights into the transformative impact of public-private partnerships (PPPs) on healthcare in the Asia Pacific region. With a focus on oncology, wo...

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26 September, 2023 | Tuesday | Product Spotlight

[Industry Brief] Avoid These Top 5 Quality Failures

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