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Biotage Launches New High Volume Automated Sample Preparation Workstation

Like its predecessors the Biotage® Extrahera™ HV-5000 maintains the family’s small footprint, intuitive software, and precision engineering...

 May 18, 2022 | News

ExoCoBio Receives Japanese Patent for Alleviating Dermatitis with Adipose Stem Cell-Derived Exosome

 ExoCoBio Inc., one of global top 4 for stem cell exosome industry, announced that it received from Japanese Patent Office the patent which claims tha...

 May 09, 2022 | News

SCG Cell Therapy announces HSA clinical trial approval of TCR-T cell therapy for liver cancer

SCG101 is the first TCR-T cell therapy product to receive a multi-regional Investigational New Drug (IND) approval from Singapore's Health Scie...

 May 09, 2022 | News

Matica Bio Opens New Cell and Gene Therapy GMP Facility in Texas

Cell and Gene Therapy Specialty Building on years of cell and gene therapy expertise, Matica Bio’s new facility is now expanding its capacity as a C...

 May 04, 2022 | News

Biocytogen Enters into Antibody Agreement with Merck

Under the agreement, Biocytogen will provide Merck antibodies directed against at least three targets specified by them from Biocytogen's Project Integrum&...

 May 02, 2022 | News

WuXi Biologics' 2021 ESG Report Reveals Company's Strong Commitment to Overall Sustainability

One example of WuXi Biologics' contribution to society is its rapid, robust pandemic response -- enabling nearly 30 Investigational New Drug Applications (...

 April 28, 2022 | News

PharmAbcine Announces Positive Results for Its Novel TIE2-Activating Antibody in GLP Toxicology Study

PMC-403 can stabilize and repair damaged and pathologically leaky blood vessels, and it is being developed to treat AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration),...

 April 27, 2022 | News

Seegene unveils world's first commercialized '3 Ct' PCR assay

"Dream MDx technology" developed based on Seegene's 20-year expertise; combines 19 different patented technologies, including DPO™, TOCE™, Mu...

 April 27, 2022 | News

Biocon Biologics’ Insugen® Awarded a Three-Year Contract by Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Biocon Sdn. Bhd. a subsidiary of Biocon Biologics in Malaysia, will manufacture and supply its range of insulins to its partner Duopharma Marketing Sdn. Bh...

 April 26, 2022 | News

Porton Advanced and Sinorda Biomedicine Enter Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Cell Therapy Development for Solid Tumors

Porton Advanced offers an end-to-end gene and cell therapy CDMO service platform covering plasmids, cell therapy, gene therapy, oncolytic virus, mRNA thera...

 April 26, 2022 | News

Terran Biosciences announces licensing deal with Sanofi

Terran to advance the development of two of Sanofi's Phase 3 CNS therapeutics Transaction includes worldwide exclusive rights for development and commer...

 April 22, 2022 | News

REPROCELL Signs Agreement to Prospectively Collect Samples for IFF's Microbiome Study

The participants in the study will include donors of various ethnicities. Participant numbers are limited to a maximum of 10 from each of five ethnic group...

 April 21, 2022 | News

GeneQuantum and AIMEDBIO Collaborate on a First-in-Class Antibody -Drug-Conjugate

Aimed Bio, a spin-off company from Samsung Medical Center, is focusing on developing innovative antibody-centric drugs for brain diseases with few treatmen...

 April 19, 2022 | News

MGI announces partnership with Nalagenetics to advance personalized medicine

MGI, a company committed to being a world-leading life science innovator, today announced a partnership with Nalagenetics (NALA) to co-develop lo...

 April 19, 2022 | News

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