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Eppendorf's commitment to customer-centric innovation: How the company stays ahead of the curve

BioPharma APAC organized a Women’s Leadership Series and interviewed a Eva van Pelt Co-CEO & Chief Commercial Officer Eppendorf SE, Hamburg, Germ...

 March 21, 2023 | News

STADA builds on Movapo heritage to offer Australian Parkinson’s patients new option

Can you explain the details of the new medicine now available on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for people with Parkinson's disease? Ongentys (opicapo...

 February 13, 2023 | News

GenScript is increasing its capacity for producing cGMP sgRNA and non-viral DNA payloads in order to keep project wait times to a minimum.

How is GenScript planning to meet the growing demand for cell and gene therapies in 2023? GenScript is committed to advancing non-viral gene and cell ther...

 February 01, 2023 | Influencers

Aptamer Group’s discovery platform is enabling new solutions across the life sciences.

How is success in the discovery of small molecule ligands increased with the Optimer platform?   The Optimer platform incorporates three se...

 January 04, 2023 | News

Helping to maintain the pace of innovation with aptamers

Part of this change in approach has led to an increased interest in aptamer technology in place of traditional antibodies. Like antibodies, aptamers can be...

 December 12, 2022 | Analysis

Why Pharma and Medtech Should Digitize Quality in a Down Market

 We tend to put off investments in improvements and instead opt to play it safe, taking a conservative approach to weathering the economic storm. For ...

 November 01, 2022 | News | By Michelle Tanner, CFO, MasterControl

Looking ahead, it is important that we glean the lessons learned from the pandemic and apply them in our current and future plans to help improve our efforts towards ending the HIV epidemic : Dustin Haines

  Q1. What emerging trends are shaping the future of research in Virology?  This is an extraordinary time in which infectious disease research ...

 October 25, 2022 | Influencers

CureLab to address the growing burden of cancer in APAC : Dr. Alexander Shneider

  Dr. Shneider is the CEO of CureLab Oncology, bringing more than 25 years of biotech and entrepreneurial experience. He is currently a senior resear...

 October 17, 2022 | News

Modernizing Your Way to Success in Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturing

There are now 1,300 companies actively involved in cell and gene therapy manufacturing1 and 11 gene therapy medicinal products with valid marketi...

 October 07, 2022 | Opinion | By By James Jardine, GxP Lifeline Editor, MasterControl

Process design and modular facilities to advance sustainability in biomanufacturing

A growing bulk of this demand comes from biologics which have become the mainstay of treatment methods from cancer to autoimmune disorder to viral infectio...

 August 15, 2022 | Opinion | By Francis Van Parys, Vice President (Commercial) APAC at Cytiva

Unlocking the Value of Antiviral Drugs for COVID-19 and Beyond

The State of COVID-19 in Asia Pacific Across Asia, over 130 million[1] COVID-19 cases have been reported across 39 countries from the time the first case ...

 July 13, 2022 | Opinion | By Dr Paul Shea Tat Ming, Specialist in Geriatrics

" Our partnerships with both NGS & TGS technology giants have facilitated the world’s most comprehensive populations genomics initiative, enabling us to provide cost-effective, high-accuracy sequencing at scale " : Ashish Koshy

  What are the major plans in store for G42 Healthcare? Any new segments to be explored?   G42 Healthcare is transforming the traditional he...

 June 28, 2022 | News

" We are seeing a growing need for contract research organizations (CROs), pharmaceutical companies and regulators in APAC for access to the bioanalysis training needed to conduct drug equivalence tests for the approval of generic drugs " : David Curtin

  What are the current opportunities and challenges at Waters ?   There is a lot of activity with pharma contract organizations in Asia. F...

 June 27, 2022 | Influencers

Transdermal patches: the next frontier in global healthcare

This may come as a surprise, but transdermal and topical technology has been in existence long before injections, and pills became the norm. Ancient histor...

 June 10, 2022 | News


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