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Synbio Tech's Probiotic Innovation Revitalizes Microbiota in Pregnant Women with Candidiasis

The company's advancements not only enhance probiotic production efficiency but also significantly benefit intestinal health, aligning with the rising glob...

 January 31, 2024 | News

Epitomee® Successfully Completes Pivotal Trial for Innovative Weight Loss Capsule

The primary objective of the RESET trial was to collect data to support a planned FDA regulatory submission, paving the way for the marketing and distribut...

 January 17, 2024 | News

Nutrigene Launches Personalised Development Program to Intersect Genetics and Learning through DNA

Nutrigene Modern Sciences Sdn. Bhd. (“Nutrigene” or the “Company”), a pioneer in the field of science-driven approach for child dev...

 January 08, 2024 | News

Nuvilab Innovates Inpatient Nutrition with Food AI at Alexandra Hospital Singapore

Compared to the 24-hour recall method typically used in hospitals for diet recording, Nuvilab's solution records an average accuracy of 95%, more than doub...

 January 08, 2024 | News

Dr. Reddy's Acquires MenoLabs®, Strengthening Women’s Health Portfolio

Dr. Reddy’s acquired the entire MenoLabs supplements portfolio which includes seven branded products designed to provide health support and address s...

 January 04, 2024 | News

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Boosts Production in Dietary Supplements and OTC Drugs

The other two presses will be for our Ameripharm brand of OTC products and to partner with store brand products to sell a high quality generic version of c...

 January 04, 2024 | News

USANA Named No. 1 Vitamins and Dietary Supplements Brand in Philippines

USANA Health Sciences, Inc., a leader in the health and wellness industry, was named the number one vitamin and dietary supplement brand in Phili...

 January 03, 2024 | News

NOW tested over thirty Berberine supplements after surveying the online marketplace for questionable products.

Goldenseal is one well-known example of a berberine-rich plant and enjoys a long history of medicinal use by Native American tribes. Berberine has rece...

 December 27, 2023 | News

Nutriterra® Omega-3 Canola powder launches through exclusive partnership with Connoils

  Nuseed Nutritional Nutraceutical Lead Mark Smith, says “Connoils technology is producing powder with unmatched stability and quality.” ...

 December 25, 2023 | News

NutriLeads Completes 4.5 Million Euro Series C Financing to Accelerate Commercialization of BeniCaros as a Global Precision Prebiotic Brand

NutriLeads BV announced that it has raised 4.5 million euros in a Series C investment round to accelerate the commercialization of BeniCaros®, the comp...

 December 25, 2023 | News

Takeda Gets Positive CHMP Opinion for HYQVIA® in CIDP Maintenance Therapy

If Approved, HYQVIA [Immune Globulin Infusion 10% (Human) with Recombinant Human Hyaluronidase] Would Offer an up to Once-Monthly Facilitated Subcut...

 December 15, 2023 | News

Taiwan-BioActive Lipid (T-BAL) Redefines the Functional Food Landscape with Lipid Nanoparticles

Introducing nano-sized spheres adept at carrying natural compounds, these groundbreaking nanoparticles are set to reshape the health-centric culinary lands...

 November 21, 2023 | News

Fuel 4 Ever Introduces Revolutionary Collagen Protein Bars for Healthy Snacks

Available in three delectable flavors – Chocolate Almond, Lemon Coconut, and Peanut Butter Oatmeal – Fuel 4 Ever's Collagen Protein Bars cater ...

 November 20, 2023 | News

What Is the Glycemic Index? Understanding Low vs. High Glycemic Carbohydrates

If you have diabetes, you're probably well aware that some foods elevate blood sugar levels more than others after a meal. This is called postprandia...

 November 19, 2023 | News

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