Software Identifies Unreported Mental Health Issues in Teens

26 August 2022 | Friday | News

Innovative technology and emotional wellbeing program converge to educate, empower teens, and normalize mental health conversations.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Advanced Metrics and Samaritan Counseling Center today announced the release of QUALO Behavioral Health, a cloud-based software designed to proactively screen teens for mental and emotional wellbeing.


  • In the 21-22 school year, Samaritan's screening program, TeenHope, found that over 34% of all students screened had thoughts of suicide or self-harm within two weeks of their screening date.
  • According to SAMHSA, in 2020, 1 in 3 high school students experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness and more than half a million youth made a suicide attempt. These numbers have continued to rise over the past two years.


As a result, QUALO Behavioral Health offers a proactive rather than reactive solution.


"An easy to implement mental health screening strategy gives schools a targeted opportunity to engage and empower students who need connected to community resources because they are struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts." Steve Schedler, Samaritan Counseling

QUALO Behavioral Health software revolutionizes teen mental health screening by innovatively simplifying the entire screening process. The software guides youth through industry standard screening tools to understand their current emotional wellbeing. Mental health professionals are immediately provided with data supporting an "at-risk" or "not at risk" identification and are guided through an intentional follow-up process.

"With the mental health crisis facing teens today, we knew it was critical to develop a software that supports teen's mental well-being and normalizes conversations about mental health. We designed this software so schools can implement it independently or through collaboration with an outside agency. Either way, the platform will support students, inform administrators, and enhance any mental health strategy a school is implementing." Steven Herr PhD, Advanced Metrics

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