Loli Pharma USA Unveils Pervistop™, a Clinically Proven Breakthrough in HPV Management

18 November 2023 | Saturday | News

LOLI PHARMA USA, a subsidiary of the Lo.Li. Pharma Group, announces the launch of Pervistop™, a breakthrough healthcare solution for persistent HPV (Human Papillomavirus) infections. This milestone reflects the company's long-standing commitment to evidence-based products and marks its entry into the US HPV management market.



HPV is one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted infections in the United States, affecting millions each year. While most HPV infections are cleared naturally by the body within a couple of years, up to 20% of women experience persistent infections. These persistent infections can lead to severe health complications, including cervical cancer, making effective management essential.


Pervistop™, a dietary supplement specifically formulated for persistent HPV management, represents a significant advancement in addressing this health concern. Its unique and meticulously crafted formulation includes the key ingredients epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, and Hyaluronic Acid, selected to support the body's natural defenses against HPV persistence and promote tissue repair.


This innovative solution is underpinned by extensive research, including more than one hundred scientific background studies and a pilot clinical trial on the formulation itself, demonstrating clearance of the virus in 85% of women after once-daily intake for 3 months. Ongoing research is aimed at confirming its effectiveness, establishing Pervistop™ as a trusted choice for individuals dealing with persistent HPV infections.

Samanta De Filippi, General Manager of LOLI PHARMA USA, expressed her enthusiasm about this milestone launch, stating, "We are excited to introduce Pervistop™ to the US market, marking our commitment to launching innovative dietary supplements backed by clinical research. Our entry into the HPV management arena signifies our dedication to improving the lives of individuals affected by this persistent health issue. We believe that Pervistop™ will make a meaningful impact on those in need."

Pervistop™ is manufactured in the USA and will be initially exclusively available through Amazon, ensuring accessibility for individuals seeking an effective and natural solution for HPV management. This strategic launch via e-commerce underscores LOLI PHARMA USA's dedication to reaching a broad audience with this transformative product.

With the prevalence of HPV in the United States and the significant impact of persistent infections, Pervistop™ offers hope and support for individuals seeking an effective and natural solution

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