Wonderfeel Announces Innovative Bio-Assimilative Packaging Technology for its Refill Program

18 November 2023 | Saturday | News

The Wonderfeel Youngr™ refill pouch is one of the first-ever packaging solutions that's both 100% recyclable and biodegradable in the nutraceutical industry.

Wonderfeel, a leader in longevity wellness technologies,  announces the Wonderfeel Youngr™ pouch. These new fully biodegradable pouches will be integrated into the company's ongoing subscription refill program.

The Wonderfeel's Youngr™ pouch is the culmination of a year-long research and development process fueled by the company's dedication to sustainability. The fully biodegradable pouches are crafted with SPTek ECLIPSE™, a revolutionary new recyclable material.


This technology allows microorganisms to consume the carbon present in this versatile packaging - leaving only water, CO₂, and biomass while eliminating any trace of microplastics.

Wonderfeel Youngr™ subscribers can look forward to receiving the first-of-its-kind patented NMN formula in these new pouches when their subscription renews starting October 30. As an added bonus,  it's made in the US, and the packaging's light weight reduces the company's carbon footprint, further emphasizing Wonderfeel's commitment to environmental solutions.

While the decision to make this switch wasn't without cost, it exemplifies Wonderfeel's commitment to sustainability. As Wonderfeel Co-founder and Chief Wonder Maker Patricia Ryan explains, "The pouch actually costs more to produce than our elegant glass bottle. It's not surprising because, sadly, the manufacturing industry has fallen behind when it comes to sustainable solutions."  However, the company is excited to absorb the extra cost and bring this innovation with the hopes that other companies will follow suit, adding, "If more consumers demanded this from the brands they love, it would make a real impact." 

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