Nuvilab Innovates Inpatient Nutrition with Food AI at Alexandra Hospital Singapore

08 January 2024 | Monday | News

Nuvilab, a leading Food AI company, has announced the expansion of its healthcare services by providing a Nutrition Management Solution for Inpatients at Alexandra Hospital. This solution uses an AI Food Scanner to scan each patient's meal tray and analyze individual food intake and nutrients

Compared to the 24-hour recall method typically used in hospitals for diet recording, Nuvilab's solution records an average accuracy of 95%, more than double the accuracy rate when recorded manually. The scanning process takes less than one second per scan, significantly improving the efficiency of meal recording and collection tasks for medical staff.

The system was first tested at Alexandra Hospital in Singapore, where it underwent a seven-week pilot phase to showcase technological advancements in healthcare. Following the successful trial period, Alexandra Hospital recently formalized an agreement with Nuvilab to implement their solution for inpatient care. Alexandra Hospital, which currently has 300 beds, aims to increase its capacity to 1,400 beds by 2028, contemplating adopting Nuvilab's solution for all its beds in line with this expansion.

In addition to inpatients, Nuvilab provides healthcare services tailored to other groups requiring health management, such as seniors and children. In South Korea, the company has launched 'Yum-yum Kids,' a service for improving dietary habits and managing child nutrition, which has been introduced to about 200 kindergartens and daycare centers nationwide. Yum-yum Kids recently received an award from the Minister of Science and ICT for supporting data-based childcare policy.

Moreover, Nuvilab is expanding its healthcare service targets to include patients with type 2 diabetes and is developing a new mobile service. The service will debut at the upcoming CES 2024 next week, marking its first public reveal. Nuvilab has indicated that this service aids nutrition management for people with diabetes through dietary habit regulation. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies, including Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and generative AI, to enhance its effectiveness.

Dae-hoon Kim, CEO of Nuvilab, mentioned, "The key to healthcare lies in managing dietary habits. We plan to continuously improve and strengthen our healthcare services to assist in personalized dietary management with our expertise in food data."

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