ACROBiosystems Launches Initiative to Boost Ex Vivo Cell Manufacturing Support

05 March 2024 | Tuesday | News

Aiming to bridge the gap from discovery to clinic, ACROBiosystems' new corporate initiative offers innovative solutions to streamline cell and gene therapy production, fostering global biopharmaceutical resilience.

ACROBiosystems, one of the leading providers of innovative tools and solutions used from discovery to the clinic, has announced a new corporate initiative to support ex vivo cell manufacturing and manufacturers of innovative cell and gene therapies.

In response to the shifting landscape of biologics manufacturing across the globe, this initiative is designed to be the leading point of ACROBiosystems' new mission of "overcoming challenges from discovery to the clinic with innovation". Manufacturing operations are a critical component of translational medicine, transforming the small-scale diverse needs in discovery into consistent, high-volume reagents required for the clinical phase and commercialization.

According to the newly released 2023 Global Biopharma Resilience Index, several factors impeding manufacturing operations lie in the lack of agility among suppliers, shifts in the regulatory landscape, as well as the manufacturing equipment capacity.  Through strategic product development and global expansion, ACROBiosystems has solidified itself in a unique position as a comprehensive raw material and quality control solution provider to its customers globally.

"Our commitment to independent research and innovation while overcoming technical bottlenecks increases our manufacturing agility by providing the best solutions to our customers when they need it," commented John Miao, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer in a recent interview. This commitment was reflected in the recent launch of GMP-grade DLL4, a safer recombinant protein alternative to DLL4 feeder cells often used in iPSC-derived T cell manufacturing.

Bringing more affordable, manufacturing-ready reagents such as GMP-grade raw materials to the market enables the earlier adoption of these solutions, eliminating the time-consuming needs of optimization and reagent switching. With solutions that are also compatible with diverse manufacturing equipments, a more streamlined and consistent approach towards raw material manufacturing can be achieved.

With the launch of this initiative, ACROBiosystems seeks to stratify its products under a cell therapy modality-oriented perspective, streamlining the transition from research to the clinic by offering progressive reagents at each stage. Inclusion of up-to-date regulatory documentation and support from regulatory professionals at each stage also assists in ensuring success throughout the manufacturing and clinical process.

By empowering scientists and engineers engaged in cell therapy manufacturing, ACROBiosystems seeks to help simplify and accelerate the development of new, better, and more affordable medicines.

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