Yokogawa developed the Single Cellome system SS2000 for subcellular sampling

07 December 2021 | Tuesday | News

this is a single-cell analysis solution that dramatically improves the efficiency of drug discovery research by automatically collecting specific cellular and intracellular components -
Single Cellome System SS2000

Single Cellome System SS2000

Yokogawa Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6841) has announced the successful development of the Single Cellome ™ system SS2000, a single-cell analysis solution. High-resolution images captured with confocal microscopes allow for automatic and accurate collection of samples of specific cells and intracellular composition. The SS2000 will be launched in Japan, the United States and China in February 2022, followed by other markets such as Europe.

"As a solution, the newly developed Single Cellome system SS2000 will play a key role in future cell research. The system not only has the potential to help understand individual cell characteristics, but also to help understand the network of cells and the behavior of communication between them, helping us to determine pathological mechanisms. In an era when more and more people can live to the age of one hundred, Yokogawa Motor will accelerate the development and delivery of solutions to protect life, health and safety. ”

research and development background

cells are the smallest units of all organisms and vary greatly from cell to cell. as a result, researchers are increasingly focused on single-cell analysis, a process that involves the separation and processing of individual cells, relative to cell group studies. in recent years, with advances in analytical techniques, people have been able to analyze not only individual cells, but also specific molecules in cells. understanding the characteristics and functions of cells and the mechanisms of cell development is a very effective means of clarifying the cause, preventing disease and verifying the efficacy of new drugs. this technology is critical to drug discovery research and the development of precision medicine and regenerative medicine.

traditional techniques for analyzing intracellular components often involve destroying and collecting heterogeneous cell populations that cannot be sampled at the individual cellular level, so many intracellular components cannot be collected and important information about the cell's location and morphology is lost. in addition, because traditional sampling processes require manual completion, productivity is low, making it difficult for even experienced researchers.

Cell Singleome System SS2000 leverages the core imaging technology of Yokogawa Motor to analyze tiny phenomena inside living cells in real time, combining new technologies that automatically and accurately control sampling operations to meet the performance needs of cutting-edge life science research.


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