Duoning Biotechnology and Bioelectronica Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Antibody Discovery

21 May 2024 | Tuesday | News

Collaboration Aims to Globalize the Hypercell® High-Throughput Single-Cell Sorting System, Offering Economical and Efficient Solutions for Antibody Development

Duoning Biotechnology Group ("Duoning"), a leading one-stop bioprocess provider in China, today announced a strategic partnership with Bioelectronica, a company focusing on developing tools for single-cell/single-bacteria research. This partnership aims to enhance the global commercialization of the high-throughput single-cell sorting system Hypercell® and other related products. With joint efforts, the two companies will provide an economical and efficient solution for antibody discovery by utilizing advanced target cells screening technology.

Monoclonal antibodies play a critical role in the life science industry and are essential therapeutics for treating tumors and autoimmune diseases. The traditional process for monoclonal antibody discovery is time-consuming, limiting the efficient development of these antibodies. Hypercell®, a high-throughput single-cell sorting system based on bright-field single B cell sorting, leverages advanced microfluidics and artificial intelligence visual recognition technology to conduct screening experiments on tens of thousands of single cells within 2 hours. With its high throughput, user-friendly operation and ability to complete cell sorting within a day, this system is widely appliable in research and commercialization stages in various fields such as antibodies, ADCs and cell therapy, while significantly shortening the development cycle of antibodies.

Relying on two core sorting technologies for single-cell and single-bacteria, Bioelectronica is able to offer end-to-end solutions for biological research. As a preferred partner, Duoning has established an extensive global sales network and a mature business platform spanning the entire bioprocess chain. As a key aspect of this collaboration, both parties will support researchers in precise manipulation and efficient screening of single cells, thereby accelerating the speed of antibody development and simplifying the process of biopharmaceutical research and development.

"We are delighted to partner with Bioelectronica, a company known for its cutting-edge single-cell sorting technologies and robust product development capabilities. Our joint efforts will further meet customers' demands for top-tier scientific instruments and comprehensive bioprocess solutions," said Gu Hongfeng, Vice President at Duoning. "In this collaboration, we will introduce premium domestic instruments to the international market to increase the efficiency of antibody discovery and development worldwide."

"Bioelectronica offers excellent services to customers with its high-throughput, rapid single-cell sorting technology and user-friendly, widely-applicable equipment. On the other hand, Duoning is able to ensure efficient, reliable biologics production with its one-stop bioprocess solutions. By establishing a strong partnership, we will deliver solutions to customers ranging from cell screening to process optimization. And I am looking forward to creating more value and benefits for the biopharmaceutical industry with Duoning." said Sun Jianjun, the Founder of Bioelectronica.


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