Debiopharm and Partner for AI-Boosted Cancer Drug Development

10 January 2024 | Wednesday | News

TNL’s AI Digital Cells Lab platform and Debiopharm’s deep pharmaceutical expertise may bring cancer drugs into new frontiers of innovation
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Debiopharm, an independent biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Switzerland, and (TNL), a trailblazer in AI Digital Cells Lab in USA, are pleased to announce a collaborative partnership aimed at advancing the development of a cutting-edge cancer drug. This strategic alliance leverages the unique capabilities of TNL’s AI Digital Cells Lab platform and Debiopharm’s deep pharmaceutical expertise to bring cancer drugs into new frontiers of innovation.

Key Highlights of the Partnership: 1) Expanding Indications: The partnership will harness TNL’s AI Digital Cells Lab platform to explore additional indications for one of Debiopharm's cancer drugs. 2) Drugs’ Combination Identification: Utilizing TNL’s AI digital knockdowns, it will identify valuable combinations with other drugs in development, enhancing the therapeutic potential of Debiopharm's cancer drug. 3) Mechanism of Action Validation: TNL’s mechanistic digital cell clones will be instrumental in validating the mechanism of action of Debiopharm's cancer drug, ensuring a deep understanding of its efficacy. 4) Drugs’ Comparison: TNL’s digital cell clones will provide comparative analysis, allowing Debiopharm to assess its cancer drug against other existing cancer treatments. 5) Biomarker Discovery: TNL partnership will focus on identifying valuable predictive biomarkers.

“We’re intrigued to discover what this collaboration with will bring to the advancement of our oncology drug programs. Integrating AI-powered solutions into our research processes, such as TNL’s AI-Enabled Digital Cells Lab platform, aligns with our aim to adopt smarter practices in our R&D, in order to broaden drug application to more cancer types and speed up the time it takes to bring new drugs to patients,” explained Bertrand Ducrey, CEO of Debiopharm.

“We are excited to start this strategic partnership with Debiopharm, a highly esteemed and innovative Swiss pharmaceutical company. We are confident that the synergy between TNL’s unique Digital Cell Clones Lab platform and Debiopharm’s profound expertise in drug R&D will show the transformative potential of AI-enabled Digital Labs from disease-target discovery to the optimization of clinical trials. As we look forward to an exhilarating 2024, we believe this partnership will pave the way for significant advancements in the field of drug R&D for the benefit of the patients,” explained Khai Pham, CEO of

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