Metabolon Launches Targeted Panels to Study Microbiome and Gut Metabolome in Health and Disease

05 April 2023 | Wednesday | News

Targeted metabolomics panels provide absolute quantitation for important bioactive intermediaries of the microbiome and gastrointestinal gut health
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Metabolon, Inc., the global leader in providing metabolomics solutions that advance a wide variety of research, diagnostic, therapeutic development, and precision medicine applications, today announced the launch of its Bile Acids and Short Chain Fatty Acids Targeted Panels that measure microbially-derived metabolites of biological significance to identify biomarkers for the prediction and early detection of disease areas, including oncology, neurology, liver, diabetes, and gastrointestinal, and gut health.

Together, this new suite of panels targets dozens of microbially-derived metabolites across multiple pathways, including bile acid metabolism, sulfur metabolism, nitrogen metabolism, and vitamin B metabolism to advance pre-clinical and clinical research efforts:

  • Metabolon's Short Chain Fatty Acids Targeted Panel measures nine metabolites and can be used to track biomarkers and enhance biological understanding across preclinical and clinical research. Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) are produced in the colon by the gut microbiota and are the end products of the anaerobic fermentation of dietary fibers and protein/peptides in the small intestine. Their formation results from a complex interaction between diet, gut microbiota, and host. SCFAs influence the physiology of the colon, serving as energy sources for host cells and the intestinal microbiota, as well as participating in different host-signaling mechanisms. Increased SFCAs may help treat inflammatory bowel disease and may decrease the risk of colon cancer.

  • Metabolon's Bile Acids Targeted Panel measures 21 metabolites and has been designed specifically to advance pre-clinical research identifying bile-acid related biomarkers in digestive, metabolic, and neurological health. Bile acids are derived from cholesterol and serve an essential role in emulsifying and digesting lipids. In addition, bile acid metabolism is intimately involved with the microbiota, and bile acids have been shown to exhibit endocrine and metabolic activity via receptors like FXR and TGR5.

"Metabolomics is a potent tool providing a thorough understanding of a disease phenotype crucial for effective disease prevention, monitoring, and treatment," says Rohan (Ro) Hastie, Ph.D., President and CEO of Metabolon. "Metabolon is committed to advancing scientific understanding of the human microbiome and its impact on human health. Our Bile Acids and Short Chain Fatty Acids Targeted Panels address an important need for today's cutting-edge researchers and will help unlock new insights into the complex interplay between diet, gut health, and disease, paving the way for the development of more personalized, targeted therapies."

"Our world-class ISO 9001 laboratory has developed two quantitative panels to help researchers involved in oncology, liver, diabetes, and gut health. These panels will provide added coverage of metabolites beyond our Global Discovery Platform to help our customers gain rapid insights into the role of specific microbiome-related pathways in influencing human biology to ultimately get closer to understanding and combating many major diseases," said Rangaprasad (Ranga) Sarangarajan, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Metabolon.

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