Menarini Expands Partnership with Pharmacosmos to Bring Innovative Iron Deficiency Treatment to Singapore and Malaysia

19 June 2024 | Wednesday | News

Menarini Asia-Pacific to Exclusively Commercialise MonoFer® (ferric derisomaltose), Enhancing Treatment for Iron Deficiency Anaemia with High-Dose IV Iron Solution Across Two New Markets
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Menarini Asia-Pacific (Menarini)  announced that it has expanded its partnership with Pharmacosmos A/S (Pharmacosmos), to include exclusive rights to commercialise MonoFer® (ferric derisomaltose) in Singapore and Malaysia. This builds upon the successful collaboration between the companies for MonoFer® in Australia. Menarini will manage all aspects of MonoFer®'s marketing, sales and distribution in Singapore and Malaysia.

MonoFer® is an innovative high-dose intravenous (IV) iron preparation shown to be effective in treating iron deficiency across multiple therapeutic patient groups[1] and allows for the administration of high doses of iron over a short period of time[2], offering patients a more efficient iron correction treatment. MonoFer® is now approved in more than 40 countries globally with more than 46 million doses administered.

Iron deficiency is often associated with chronic conditions like heart failure, gastrointestinal and gynaecological conditions, and manifests through symptoms such as fatigue and shortness of breath, significantly impacting patients' quality of life. It is a common cause of anaemia worldwide, presenting a major public health challenge. In South and Southeast Asian countries, the prevalence of anaemia is 47% in non-pregnant women, 52% in pregnant women and 54% in those aged 60 years and above in Asia. The condition can lead to more serious complications such as postpartum haemorrhage in expectant mothers and increased all-cause mortality among the elderly.

"We are delighted to be the trusted partner of Pharmacosmos to expand the reach of MonoFer® to more patients in Singapore and Malaysia," said Glen Godresse, Chief Executive Officer of Menarini Asia-Pacific. "With MonoFer®, we are broadening our product portfolio to address a clear and present need for more innovative iron deficiency treatments. Our robust in-market capabilities will ensure that more patients receive this important therapy."

"Having partners who are equally passionate in improving lives is central to our mission of changing the way iron deficiency is treated," said Chief Commercial Officer of Pharmacosmos, Claes C Stroem. "The competence level, agility and track record of Menarini Asia-Pacific is very impressive, and we are very pleased to make MonoFer® available to the many patients suffering from iron deficiency anaemia in Singapore and Malaysia through this partnership."


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