PRC Expands Public Health Services to Include Immunization Efforts

03 April 2023 | Monday | News

PRC Partners with Local Health Departments to Boost Immunization Rates and Address Vaccine Hesitancy
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

PRC, a trusted leader in healthcare experience, is pleased to announce the expansion of its public health services to include working with local health departments on immunization efforts. This initiative aims to address vaccine hesitancy and improve immunization rates, in turn promoting public health and preventing the spread of infectious diseases.


With multiple decades of experience conducting telephone interviews for Community Health Needs Assessments across the United States, PRC is committed to supporting local health departments in their efforts to improve public health outcomes. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, PRC has worked closely with local health departments on case investigations, contact tracing, and vaccine education efforts.

 PRC's partnership with local health departments will involve conducting surveys and data analysis to better understand the reasons behind vaccine hesitancy and developing effective strategies to promote vaccination. PRC's large volume call center, staffed with trained agents, will ensure high response rates for these surveys. The data collected will inform campaigns to educate community members and providers on how to talk to patients about vaccines and ultimately improve immunization rates across the United States.


"We are committed to promoting public health and preventing the spread of infectious diseases," said Dr. Joe Inguanzo, President and CEO of PRC. "By working with local health departments and gathering data within the community on vaccine hesitancy, we can develop targeted campaigns to address the concerns and barriers to vaccination in communities nationwide."

Through this expanded service offering, PRC continues to demonstrate its commitment to improving public health outcomes and promoting a healthy and safe community.

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