Lunit's AI solution is the first application tool that enhance Guardant Health's portfolio of cancer tests

02 February 2023 | Thursday | News

Guardant Health to integrate Lunit's AI-based scoring algorithm for PD-L1 into its portfolio to enhance cancer biomarker detection

  • Powered by Lunit SCOPE PD-L1, the Guardant360 TissueNext PD-L1 test with Guardant Galaxy™ shows improved detection of the biomarker in NSCLC
  • Lunit's AI solution is the first application in Guardant Galaxy, 


Lunit (KRX:328130.KQ), in partnership with leading precision oncology company Guardant Health, today announced the integration of its AI-based PD-L1 scoring algorithm into Guardant's testing workflow to enhance biomarker detection in the Guardant360 TissueNextTM PD-L1 test for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).


The newly integrated algorithm will enable Guardant to offer augmented biomarker assessment for NSCLC patients through AI-based quantification of tissue samples using a scoring system generated by Lunit SCOPE PD-L1. The enhanced Guardant test is designed to support pathologists in diagnosing PD-L1 status with higher accuracy and efficiency. Through the AI software, the test showed improved detection of PD-L1 by more than 20 percent compared to manual pathologist interpretation in the most challenging cases in NSCLC1.

Lunit SCOPE PD-L1 is a CE-marked AI solution for detecting and analyzing PD-L1, a cancer biomarker. The solution may assist pathologists by minimizing interpretation discrepancy and allowing better prediction of treatment outcomes for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients, as demonstrated in study findings published in the European Journal of Cancer.

Lunit SCOPE PD-L1's integration with the Guardant360 TissueNext PD-L1 test is the first application in Guardant Galaxy, Guardant Health's suite of technology applications developed internally and through outside partnerships to enhance the performance and utility of its portfolio of cancer tests.

The two companies have been in partnership since 2021, following a strategic investment from Guardant Health to Lunit.

"We are honored to partner with Guardant Health in leveraging the power of AI and digital pathology to enhance the capabilities of their comprehensive genomic profiling tests for cancer patients," said Brandon Suh, CEO of Lunit. "The development of the AI-supported scoring algorithm for the Guardant360 TissueNext PD-L1 test is a great example of using advanced medical image analytics to enhance precision diagnostics in lung cancer and help doctors find the right treatment for the right patients."

"With Guardant Galaxy, we are now accessing the most advanced AI techniques and the latest complementary technologies from leading companies in cancer diagnostics to enhance the capabilities of our tests and provide oncologists and researchers with precise and actionable information," said Helmy Eltoukhy, co-CEO of Guardant Health. "The digital pathology solution from Lunit has already demonstrated the power of AI to help improve detection of PD-L1 in certain cases of non-small cell lung cancer. We believe it has the potential to contribute much more broadly to advances in identifying cancer biomarkers and informing treatment decisions."

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