Healthcare Investor Sangel Capital Expects to See Big Rise in Investment Value

21 September 2021 | Tuesday | News

Long-termism as Investment Philosophy
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

The portfolio value of Sangel Capital ("Sangel" or the "Company"), a leading biotech and healthcare venture capital company based in China, is poised for strong growth as multiple biotech and pharmaceutical companies backed by Sangel's venture funds have reported a succession of milestone achievements in 2021 that led to a substantial surge in their market valuation.

The optimistic projection of Sangel Capital's investment value came after the announcement of BeyondSpring's positive topline results from its DUBLIN-3 registrational trial of plinabulin in August and the IPO plans of its portfolio companies earlier this year, including Denovo Biopharma, 3D Medicines and Sirnaomics.

Over the past decade, Sangel Capital has grown into a leading venture investor and breakthrough company builder across the entire value chain of healthcare and biotech investment.

"The past decade has seen us participate in an extensive range of investment opportunities spanning biomedicine, medical devices, healthcare, and biotech with most projects already yielding returns. Aiming to partner with the most innovative entrepreneurs to address significant unmet needs in healthcare, our investment strategy is to target emerging companies with new therapies or technologies that can fill gaps in the market and are aligned with initial investment plans. With this strategy, Sangel Capital, which is led by a highly experienced team with a long-standing track record of entrepreneurial and investment success, has established an all-encompassing investment ecosystem and is expected to assist over ten biotech companies in launching their IPOs over the next three years," said Liu Mulong, Managing Partner at Sangel Capital.

A truly pioneering company, Sirnaomics has cemented its leadership in RNAi therapeutics with its unmatched know-how in RNA interference (RNAi) technology in recent years. However, Sangel's decision to enter this space when investing in Sirnaomics faced many doubts due to the uncertain market prospect of RNA interference-based therapy before 2020. Rather than waiting for an indication, Sangel Capital has already started looking for a promising RNAi delivery system even before the pandemic, which has highlighted RNAi therapeutics for its application in the COVID-19 vaccine.

"When we invested in Sirnaomics, we found that it is one of a few companies that have proprietary technologies and a self-developed RNAi delivery platform. We saw Sirnaomics's potential for the development of RNAi therapeutics, and its preparation for IPO shows their ability to fulfil that potential," Liu Mulong added.

The move to invest in the oncolytic viral therapy field is further testimony of Sangel's forward-looking investment strategy. Oncolytic viruses (OVs) are an emerging treatment option for cancer type diseases, and the idea of OVs as delivery systems for gene-based medicine was still in its infancy a decade ago. Believing in the potential and the importance of oncolytic virotherapy in treating tumors, Sangel Capital has started to follow the therapy and lay the groundwork for future venture capital projects in the field as early as 2014. In 2015, an up-and-coming start-up Virogin Biotech, the first biotech company to use oncolytic virus as a delivery system, caught its eyes. Backed by Sangel and other investors, Virogin Biotech (Virogin) has now received approval from the regulatory authorities in Australia to initiate a Phase I clinical trial in humans.

"As healthcare specialists, we see and understand the opportunities and challenges of the businesses we back. We also understand that building a successful biotech company takes time and patience, so we are committed to building real value over the long-term. With this investment philosophy, Sangel Capital will continue to follow new discoveries in life science and explore medical solutions for severe illness. Looking forward, Sangel Capital will partner with more high-quality biotech companies across the value chain with a vision to become an innovative and world-leading venture capital company", said Liu Jinglong, Managing Partner at Sangel Capital.

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