Solbasium unveils the worlds first patent pending red light therapy roller.

25 August 2021 | Wednesday | News

Global leader in red light therapy, Solbasium, has today unveiled a world-first muscle roller using this innovative technology. The Quantum Roller features 256 powerful LEDs across the body, alongside a three-speed vibration intensity, and has been specifically designed to help enhance physical recovery, decrease muscle pain, and ease tight knots at an unrivaled level.

Red light therapy dates back to the 1990s when NASA created the technology to help promote the growth of plants while on space shuttles. Scientists then used this technology to support astronauts with wound healing while in zero gravity, and since then, it has been proven to provide a wide range of benefits for the human body.

Launched in 2019, Solbasium was created to harness the power of red light therapy, providing customers with an innovative array of products designed to revolutionize their health, fitness and wellness. From its percussion massagers and red light therapy panels to its powerful red light therapy beds, the team at Solbasium has focused on relentless innovation.

Now, the company has unveiled its latest product, the Solbasium Quantum Roller. This ground-breaking device is the first roller in the world to feature red light technology. Radically different from any other roller on the market, the Quantum Roller offers athletes and physically active adults unrivalled levels of support, helping to enhance their physical recovery post-workout, decrease muscle pain, and reduce tension and knots in muscles.

The Solbasium Quantum Roller is the result of extensive research and development and can help to reduce inflammation and stimulate recovery anywhere on the body. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art FDA-registered facility, the revolutionary roller features 256 LEDs mounted across the body of the roller. 128 of these are 660nm red light and 128 850nm infrared, giving users complete control over their recovery.

While traditional rollers only provide self-myofascial release, the pioneering Quantum Roller incorporates built-in vibration, further accelerating the recovery process and helping to massage the muscles to decrease pain.

Completely customizable, users are able to choose from four different intensities of light brightness, the ability to choose between red and infrared wavelengths, three vibration intensities, and three different timing settings. This helps to ensure the Solbasium Quantum Roller is the only product on the market providing this level of recovery and therapy, revolutionizing how athletes workout and spurring them on to achieve their best.

The cutting-edge new roller is currently patent pending and will be exclusively launched via an Indeogogo campaign, with more information available at  

Speaking ahead of the launch, Bradley Carden, Founder, at Solbasium added, "Having used rollers regularly in the gym, I know how beneficial they can be. However, I also knew where they could be improved. That is why we have developed our innovative Quantum Roller, giving athletes a revolutionary new tool that will transform their recovery and give them that added boost to go on and win championships."   


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