Japan has surpassed itself again with the development of ultra-high-concentration lutein

14 July 2021 | Wednesday | News

A Drop for Clear Vision

According to the World Report on Vision published in 2020 by World Health Organization (WHO), the incidence of most eye diseases and visual impairments varies by age, area of residence, and income level. As people age, the risk of developing cataracts, presbyopia, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration increases, and in high-income countries, the prevalence of eye diseases is found higher than in middle- and low-income countries.


The Report indicates that high-income countries of the Asia-Pacific region have the highest overall prevalence of myopia (53.4%). A recent survey has shown that people use electronic devices for an average of 10.7 hours a day and that 32% of teenagers and young adults watch videos online for more than 3 hours every day in these countries. Studies have proven staring at screens closely over long periods of time can cause eye conditions such as ciliary muscle strain, eyes strain, ametropia, dry eyes, macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. However, surprisingly, with the highest proportion of elderly population in the world and world-leading technology development for electronic devices, Japan has fewer eye disease patients than South KoreaSingapore and other high-income countries of the Asia-Pacific region. TCI JAPAN, with years of experience in product development, has successfully developed the Ultra-High-Concentration Lutein Drops, which is expected to bring a brand new eye care experience to consumers around the world.


Japanese people have attached importance to vision care since childhood. In addition to good living habits, Japanese people also take dietary supplements for eye health. Among the wide range of eye care supplements on the market in Japan, lutein products has always been no.1 in sales. But, since lutein is fat-soluble and easily oxidized, it must be encapsulated in soft gels, a dosage form far from favorable for the elderly or children. Food scientists have long been trying to develop lutein supplements in new dosage forms suitable for people of all ages and exploring ways to ensure lutein can be truly and efficiently absorbed and utitlized by the human body.

TCI JAPAN, using its patented Double Nutri™ technology, encapsulates lutein with micron-sized liposomes, one-ninth the size of human red blood cells, to completely inhibit the deterioration of the fat-soluble and easily oxidized active ingredient and optimize the bioavailability. In the past, commercially available nutritional supplements combining components in water and oil phases often troubled consumers with problems such as separation of oil and water components, suspended substances, and odor. Now with the patented Double Nutri™ technology, these problems are completely solved.

Moreover, TCI JAPAN is equipped with the proprietary Synergene® technology using which an exclusive formula platform has been built with a database of hundreds of active compound combinations to ensure ingredients are incorporated to provide best health effects and create high-potency formulas. The Double Nutri™ technology and Synergene® technology have been patented in Japan and awarded with a Special Japanese Jury Prize at IITEXPO LONDON, respectively, in 2020. The efficient absorption of active ingredients is the key to making health foods truly "join and delight consumer's life". TCI JAPAN, with its strength in scientific research and advantages of R&D technology, has successfully developed the easy-to-take lutein supplement with higher concentration and bioavailability, enabling people of all ages to take care of their eyes easily.


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