Salvia BioElectronics Treats First Patient with Neuromodulation for Severe Migraine in Australia

24 August 2023 | Thursday | News

In a remarkable medical milestone, an Australian patient at Nambour Selangor Private Hospital became the first-ever patient to receive Salvia BioElectronics' paper-thin neuromodulation solution for severe migraine and cluster headache. This groundbreaking procedure marks the first time that bioelectronic foils have been implanted. Dr. Paul Frank, the interventional pain specialist who performed the procedure, emphasised that this breakthrough "ushers in a new era of possibilities in headache treatment."
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

The first patient, a 29-year-old woman from Australia who has suffered from debilitating headaches since the age of 14, experienced immediate and remarkable improvements in the frequency and intensity of her cluster headache attacks following the treatment. She expressed her gratitude by stating, "This little device allows me to regain control of my life and provides the opportunity to fully engage with my young family."

Bioelectronic foils
While many people with migraine and cluster headache can be treated using current medical methods, a significant number of patients do not find relief and are in desperate need of effective treatment.

Recognizing this unmet need, Salvia BioElectronics was founded in 2017 with a clear mission: to restore the lives of people with severe headache. The company focuses on developing flexible bioelectronic foils that can conform to the anatomy of the head, offering a promising neuromodulation solution. "We restore balance in the brain," says Dr. Wim Pollet, Chief Medical Officer of Salvia BioElectronics.

First clinical trial
The successful treatment of their first Australian patient represents a significant step towards the mission of providing effective, safe, and accessible solutions for people suffering from migraine and cluster headache worldwide. Pollet: "This first procedure is a significant milestone in our journey to help patients find relief. We are eager to continue our clinical trial program with the ultimate goal of restoring patients' lives."

Dr. Paul Frank, the driving force behind the multi-disciplinary Resolve Pain Clinic in Buderim, and principal investigator of the first clinical trial, is excited about Salvia's solution: "Working with Salvia to implant our first patient was an excellent experience. I am thrilled that this new technology can significantly impact the lives of many patients."

The patient was referred by neurologist and headache specialist Dr. Ben Tsang, part of the private clinic Beach Brain, on the Sunshine Coast. "It's remarkable to witness the patient's improved health and I'm eager to observe the validation of this innovation's effectiveness in broader studies, potentially bringing relief to many patients with disabling headaches."

A Fish Called Salvia 
The two young sons of Salvia's first patient in Australia are so appreciative that they named their new fish after the company. This month signifies the 3-month milestone for the Australian patient who received the groundbreaking implant.

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