Advanced Cancer Imaging Tool Streamlines Radiotherapy Adjustment for Doctors

29 September 2023 | Friday | News

First patient treated on radiotherapy system equipped with HyperSight imaging solution at Icon Cancer Centre
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

An innovative technology that captures high-quality images of a tumor in six seconds is being used to guide cancer treatments for patients receiving care at the Icon Cancer Centre Holmesglen.

Icon is one of the first centres in the Southern Hemisphere to install the HyperSight imaging solution on its Halcyon linear accelerator. HyperSight uses cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) to deliver images with a high level of contrast. It can capture a larger area with improved image quality, precision, and speed compared to conventional imaging technology on radiotherapy systems, potentially minimizing patient discomfort and anxiety during treatment.

Traditional radiotherapy imaging systems can take up to 60 seconds and can require patients to hold their breath to capture a clear image. This is to prevent the tumor from moving during the scan, which is common in lung, liver, and left breast cancer patients. HyperSight reduces motion-related image blurring, resulting in clearer images at the point of treatment.

Data from HyperSight images show how radiotherapy treatment is changing the tumor and surrounding anatomy. The enhanced quality of CBCT images can be used to calculate changes to both the tumor and nearby organs with greater precision. Previously, calculations were limited by image quality or required a CT scan on a separate machine, potentially adding to the time the patient needs to stay in hospital.

Icon Group Director of Radiation Therapy, Claire Smith, said the technology is making a difference.

"We can pinpoint and map tumors in the patient almost in real time," said Claire.

"In its early stages, we're already seeing great benefits for our clinical teams and patients and are looking forward to rolling out HyperSight across Australia cancer centres, and beyond."

"We are still assessing the impact it is having on our clinical workflows, like preventing unnecessary trips to a CT scanner, and reducing the time a patient needs to be on the treatment bed. Having this capability on the machine in the treatment room is already proving positive with our radiation therapists."

"Our global collaboration with Varian helps us remain well equipped to provide our patients with the latest in radiation therapy treatments. Our goal is to deliver the best possible care and a better quality of life."

HyperSight was developed by Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company. It received TGA approval for use on Varian's Ethos and Halcyon image-guided radiotherapy systems in February this year.

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