ObvioHealth and Chemist Warehouse Partner to Power Clinical Trial Efficiency in Australia

06 December 2023 | Wednesday | News

ObvioHealth, a virtual research organization (VRO) delivering stronger clinical evidence through tech-enabled trials, and Chemist Warehouse, Australia's largest chain of retail pharmacies, announced a partnership today to bring more efficient and convenient clinical trials to Australia.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

The partnership gives sponsors easier access to a wider pool of participants by driving awareness about trials to Chemist Warehouse's customers in Australia. Chemist Warehouse will provide multichannel, targeted communication—including in-store and online touchpoints—to its customer base to promote ObvioHealth-managed trials. This includes informing participants about trials through Chemist Warehouse's range of media assets: a TV show, wellness magazine, and newspaper editorial inserts.

As part of the collaboration, ObvioHealth can also use Chemist Warehouse's telehealth services, Instant Consult, for studies that require clinician assessments, reducing participant burden by eliminating the need for them to travel to in-clinic visits. 

Jack Gance, Chemist Warehouse's Co-founder and Chairman, sees this initiative as a logical extension of the company's complete line of clinical health and provider services. "Not only is this a win for trial sponsors, but also for the participants—our customers—who will have access to trials they never knew existed," said Gance. "Our stores are part of everyday life in Australian neighborhoods, and our pharmacists are trusted members of those communities. As a dependable health and wellness source, we are eager to educate our customers about new opportunities that might be relevant to their health." 

Chemist Warehouse is estimated to fill 25 percent of all prescriptions in the country, representing more than 70 million prescriptions annually. The retail pharmacy sees approximately 180 million customers every year across its 550+ outlets—located in every territory and state in Australia. Each of those customers is a potential trial participant.

In addition to Chemist Warehouse's reach, Australia has seen an increase in trial activity in recent years. This is due, in part, to research and development tax rebates provided by the Australian government and to a streamlined regulatory process. Data from clinical trials conducted in Australia is also widely accepted by global regulatory authorities including FDA and EMA.

"As trial sponsors increasingly look to Australia to conduct their research, we're excited to offer a solution to overcome their biggest roadblock—finding and enrolling the right patients," said Ivan Jarry, CEO of ObvioHealth. Recruitment consumes more time and resources than any other aspect of a clinical trial and, yet, approximately 11 percent of clinical sites fail to enroll a single participant. "Two of the biggest recruitment hurdles are awareness and convenience, and this partnership tackles both. The ability to communicate trial opportunities to an audience in a place where they are likely to be receptive, coupled with telehealth services to reduce participant burden, makes sense all around."

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