South Korean diagnostics company NGeneBio is accelerating its expansion into the ASEAN precision diagnosis market.

19 January 2023 | Thursday | News

NGeneBio expands to ASEAN precision diagnosis market
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Securing breast and ovarian cancer precision diagnosis reference through clinical evaluation

Expansion of opportunities to develops global advancement by discovering Labs in ASEAN


There are 1,420 hospitals in Vietnam, the national and public hospitals is worth 84% about as of the total hospitals in Vietnam, accounting for the largest share. Breast and ovarian cancer precision diagnosis product - BRCAccuTest™PLUS of NGeneBio has been completed the evaluation and started clinical NGS tests at Ho Chi Minh City Oncology Hospital. K-Hospital (National Cancer Center) also is going to start the clinical NGS tests as soon as the evaluation is completed. 


BRCAccuTest™ PLUS which was highly evaluated at the local clinical site in Vietnam and has the advantages of,▲ Registered CE-IVD for the first time in Asia, ▲ detected BRCA1/2 gene mutations at once, ▲ provided optimal and personalized treatment methods to patients through NGS diagnosis and genetic testing. ▲It is designed to apply and automatically analyze the NGS data using produced from test reagents and issue a clinical report.


In addition, the largest national and public hospital Bach Mai in Vietnam is currently discussing to use BRCAccuTest™PLUS in the clinical test of PARPi-targeted therapy for expanding the prescription for prostate cancer patients.


When clinical NGS test started in Vietnam, it is believed that not only easier to supply products to the national and public hospitals through public bidding, but also to expand the use of products in individual and private hospitals.


“NGeneBio is cooperating with a highly-experienced and capable local sales specialist who will advanced to secure a various reference of NGS products in the Vietnam precision diagnosis market.” said NGeneBio officials “In this regard, we will preoccupy the ASEAN market by focusing on new clinical trials and bidding evaluations. In addition, we are going to provide better genome analysis services in order to respond customer’s needs and local regulation”


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