BRIM appoints Andrew Lin as Chairman and Dr. Wen Chyi Shyu as CEO, secures $18M in Series E funding, and advances clinical trials for Dry Eye Disease and Neurotrophic Keratitis treatments

01 March 2023 | Wednesday | Opinion

BRIM's New Leadership Shares Insights on Funding, Clinical Trials, and Diversity in an interaction with BioPharma APAC .
Howard Kuo, Audrey Tseng, Haishan Jang, Andrew Lin, Bernard Lee, James Cheng, Yihsin Lee

Howard Kuo, Audrey Tseng, Haishan Jang, Andrew Lin, Bernard Lee, James Cheng, Yihsin Lee


  • What led to the decision to elect Andrew Lin as the new Chairman of the Board, and how do you believe he will contribute to BRIM's continued success?


    • Andrew has extensive experience in financial strategy and has a strong network of connections in the international funding community. He will oversee all BRIM’s future funding rounds, including the IPO next year, to secure investment to support BRIM’s pipeline of novel regenerative peptide therapies. 



  • With Dr. Wen Chyi Shyu being appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer, what changes or developments can we expect to see in the company's strategy moving forward?


    • Wen Chyi’s extensive corporate management experience will be crucial to guide BRIM through its transition from a start-up into a new phase of international corporate growth. Her expertise in drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, as evident from her previous role as SVP and global head of DMPK in Takeda during which she was involved in over 100 clinical projects, further strengthens BRIM’s translational science power. With this knowledge and experience, Wen Chyi will catalyze the vision instilled by Dr. Haishan Jang, BRIM’s founder and former CEO, to accelerate the drug development process in order to make medicines more accessible and affordable for patients in need.



  • How does BRIM plan to utilize the $18 million raised in its Series E funding round, and what impact will this have on the company's ongoing clinical trials and research efforts?


    • Part of the funding will be used for BRIM’s current phase 3 trial for BRM421 for Dry Eye Disease, and part of it will be used to advance trials for BRM424, BRIM’s novel treatment for neurotrophic keratitis. In addition, BRIM has a few projects in the discovery phase that will require funding for toxicology studies and formulation development. 



  • Can you provide more information on the Phase 3 clinical trial for BRM421 for Dry Eye Disease, and what milestones the company hopes to achieve with this lead asset?


    • BRIM has been preparing its Phase 3 study for BRM421 for Dry Eye Disease since 2022, including manufacturing of the drug substance and drug product. Following the EOP2 meeting to confirm the FDA’s agreement on the company’s current clinical protocol and the filing of the Phase 3 protocol, BRIM has initiated the preparation of clinical operations for the Phase 3 trial with its CRO, ORA, in the US. The first patient in will be in Q1 and the top-line results are expected to be announced in Q4. The complete clinical study report, including the final analysis, is expected in Q1, 2024. 



 Can you speak to the company's efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, particularly with its mostly female team, and how this has contributed to BRIM's success thus far?


  • Drug discovery and drug development both involve complex science. Many varied disciplines are needed and must work together seamlessly. Therefore, BRIM uses highly collaborative, cross-functional teams to solve scientifically challenging issues at each step. During the recruitment process, BRIM seeks out scientists with strong talents and a deep passion for science, a commitment to drug hunting, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to work with teammates whomever they are regardless of gender or other factors. 
  • Wen Chyi is an inspiring role model for young women looking to start or advance their careers in the pharmaceutical industry. Having served in a range of global leadership roles for some of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, including Bristol Myers Squibb and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Wen Chyi demonstrates how women can be strong and successful leaders in the life science industry.
  • BRIM has always been a predominantly female-led company, having been founded by a small team of passionate entrepreneurs, gathered around Dr. Haishan Jang’s kitchen table. Although it had small beginnings, BRIM had a big vision to bring sustainable and affordable healthcare innovation to the world and to nurture the next generation of biotech entrepreneurs. Because of this mentorship is deeply engrained in BRIM’s company culture – in fact, “Mentorship” is one of our three core values. 
  • In addition, the company’s management style allows flexible work schedules for family care. This may attract more qualified female applicants for societal reasons. Our strategy is simply to hire the most qualified and competent team members to advance our pipeline. It is also possible, but incidental to our corporate strategy, that Dr. Haishan Jang, being an inspirational female leader, may attract many strong and capable female scientists to join the very exciting journey at BRIM.
  • BRIM values the contributions of all its team members, and we consciously work to maintain an inclusive work culture. The success of BRIM so far is due to excellent teamwork, continuous communication and collaboration, and a strong determination to achieve our goals that keep us motivated every day. 

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