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Cigna Study Shows Uncertainty about the Future Continues to be the Leading Cause of Stress

Cigna Hong Kong today released the Hong Kong findings of the latest edition of its Cigna COVID-19 Global Impact Study. As part of Cigna's an...

 June 08, 2021 | Analysis

FDA Approval of Aducanumab

Neurimmune welcomes the news that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Biogen's regulatory application for the use of aducanumab in the...

 June 08, 2021 | News

Arctic Vision Announces the Treatment of Dry Eye Disease

iTEAR®100 is an FDA-cleared external neurostimulation device that increases acute tear production. Arctic Vision, a clinical stage biotech company foc...

 June 07, 2021 | News

Cognoa Receives FDA Marketing Authorization for Autism Diagnosis Aid

 – Cognoa, a pediatric behavioral health company developing diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for children living with behavioral health...

 June 03, 2021 | News

TLC and Strides partner to launch Black Fungus Drug in India

TLC (Nasdaq: TLC, TWO: 4152), a clinical‐stage specialty pharmaceutical company developing novel nanomedicines to target areas of unmet medical need, and...

 June 02, 2021 | News

IPM Launches Mental Health Programme

 Integrated Prescription Management (IPM), a leading pharmacy benefits management (PBM) company, now offers pharmacogenomics testing for patients...

 May 29, 2021 | News

Most COVID-19 Patients Have Long-term Neurological Problems

In a surprise, however, a research team at NYU Grossman School of Medicine also found that 91 percent of patients, whether or not they had a neurological d...

 May 25, 2021 | Analysis

Research Spotlight: New Therapeutic Targets Focusing on Aberrant Lipid Metabolism in Alzheimer’s Disease

One of the major challenges we currently face is sparse drug discovery pipelines and low clinical trial success rates due to the variability of dru...

 May 12, 2021 | Analysis

Covid19 Impact : Current & Long Term Expectations in Pharma

Apart from possibly Antarctica, there is almost no corner of the globe that will remain entirely unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic, in terms of healthcar...

 May 12, 2021 | Analysis

The Role of Biomarkers in Drug Discovery for Neurodegenerative Disease

There's a need to propel and reinvigorate the current state of drug discovery pipeline in tackling pressing neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's...

 May 12, 2021 | Opinion


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