Sanofi Consumer Healthcare expands mental health pillar

01 October 2021 | Friday | News

Committed to the healthiness of employees, brand continues to introduce measures to enhance the well-being of professionals during the home office
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Sanofi's Consumer Healthcare business unit – the country's largest multinational pharmaceutical company – continues to expand its good working practices that result in a better quality of life for its employees. In this context, the brand has been developing and implementing a series of actions so that its employees, in home office times, can maintain the balance between good professional performance and, especially, the maintenance of mental health.

Some practices include implementing 15-minute breaks throughout the workday, so that the employee can take care of their health. The time can be to relax and have a coffee, or even performing a physical activity - at home or in an external environment. Another initiative that aims to safeguard the mental health of those who are in the home office is the creation of mechanisms that privilege and ensure the rest and recharge of energy during the pre and post-work days. In this context, the exchange of e-mails, meetings by videoconference and calls must be held only during corporate office hours. In addition to meetings of a maximum of 45 minutes, with the subject described previously by e-mail, using bullet points.

"We are reshaping some practices that have been implemented since the beginning of the pandemic, when the company saw the need to adapt some methods that were previously face-to-face or that had not even existed. Last year, we created the No Internal Zoom Meeting Day action, which mobilized our employees not to schedule virtual meetings with their co-workers on Thursdays. For Sanofi Consumer Healthcare (CHC), the inclusion of good practices in the home office is extremely important to provide a fuller and healthier life, without letting work impact on personal life", says Raquel Nogueira,Executive Manager RH Sanofi Consumer Healthcare (CHC).


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