Shenzhen Hosts Engineering Biology and Synthetic Biology Innovation Forums

01 May 2023 | Monday | News

Engineering Biology Innovation Forum IV, Guangming Science City 2023SynBio China II and Asian Synthetic Biology Innovation Forum I Held in Shenzhen
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Engineering Biology Innovation Forum IV, Guangming Science City 2023SynBio China II and Asian Synthetic Biology Innovation Forum I were held in Shenzhen on April 27th – 28th.

The event assembled distinguished guests from political, industry, university, research, and fund fields on domestic and overseas, especially Asian synthetic biology representatives from South Korea and Singapore, which focus on the technical innovation, industry transformation, and capital utilization of synthetic biology and other popular themes, and establishes a high-standard and high-quality international communication platform of synthetic biology.

In the event, Institute of Synthetic Biology, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Institute of Synthetic Biology, and Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (Tentative Name) jointly published the top 10 innovative synthetic biology products of Shenzhen in 2023. In particular, there is a synthetic biology international cooperation and communication roundtable dialogue themed "Synthetic Biology: International Communications and Collaborations" in the event. More than 2,000 participants from 300 universities and scientific research organizations, 400 investment organizations and 700 biological manufacturers attended the event.

Shenzhen has been an indispensable part of China's synthetic biology industry by accelerating the commercialization of synthetic biology scientific research achievements.

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