Cellipont Bioservices Partners with Adva Biotechnology to Launch Innovative ADVA X3® Platform

08 May 2024 | Wednesday | News

The groundbreaking ADVA X3®, a fully automated cell therapy manufacturing system, promises to enhance production efficiency and expand access to advanced treatments, marking a significant advancement in personalized healthcare.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Cellipont Bioservices, a leading cell therapy Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), and Adva Biotechnology, an Israel-based private biotechnology company providing a decentralized, automated, and efficient manufacturing platform for advanced cell therapies, today announce its partnership with Adva Biotechnology marking the launch of the groundbreaking ADVA X3® platform in North America. The ADVA X3® is an advanced, fully automated platform for manufacturing cell therapies, streamlining processes and reducing costs. This alliance signifies a leap forward in personalized treatment, bringing cutting-edge therapies to patients worldwide.


The ADVA X3® is an all-in-one automated system that simplifies and accelerates the manufacturing of CAR-T therapies from manual to fully automated and cGMP in as little as three months. It represents a major advancement in manufacturing efficiency and quality control, ensuring the delivery of life-saving therapies with minimal user involvement. Moreover, the ADVA X3® significantly reduces costs, making it accessible to a broader patient population. The unique combination of Cellipont's best-in-class process and manufacturing expertise and purpose-built facility coupled with the ADVA X3® metabolic sensing-based AI-driven automated manufacturing platform allows therapy developers to quickly go from manual processing to fully automated and cGMP. Additionally, the ADVA X3® system supports cell therapies such as NK, TCR, TIL and exosomes from activation to final cell product.


"We're proud to partner with Adva Biotechnology and be the first CDMO in North America to offer the ADVA X3® to clients. The ADVA X3's automation and precision are game changers, enabling us to scale up production and meet the urgent needs of patients," said Michael O'Mara, COO of Cellipont Bioservices.


"The collaboration with Cellipont Bioservices is a pivotal moment for us," said Dr. Ohad Karnieli, CEO of Adva Biotechnology. "The ADVA X3® embodies our commitment to innovation and patient care, and with Cellipont's expertise, we're set to transform the landscape of cell therapies."

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