ImmersiveTouch Metaverse Now Available for Surgeons in India

14 January 2022 | Friday | News

Chicago based virtual reality company reaches AIIMS, assisting in surgical planning and training
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All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi has implemented new digital surgery technology from ImmersiveTouch, a leading medical technology company building the digital surgery metaverse. Its Mission Rehearsal® VR platform gives surgeons the ability to virtually plan and simulate each patient's unique anatomy in 3D, prior to entering the operating room.

AIIMS is the premier hospital and medical institution of India. It has been featured on Newsweek's 2020 World's Best Hospitals; and is 23 on the rankings for best medical schools in the world, according to CEOWORLD magazine.

ImmersiveTouch's Mission Rehearsal® VR platform converts 2D data into a digital twin of the patient, providing surgeons unobstructed views of the target anatomy from every angle and access to surgical planning tools in high fidelity with precise accuracy. For training in both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the ImmersiveSim platform virtually transports doctors into the middle of an operating room for procedural rehearsal, enhancement of clinical performance, and training.

Surgeons at AIIMS New Delhi were first introduced to ImmersiveTouch's VR platform to prepare for an extremely rare surgical procedure to separate craniopagus twins. The widely publicized procedure was a success. "We could see, feel and study connected tissue, discuss anatomy, and examine surgical pathways," said Dr. Deepak Gupta, Professor of Neurosurgery, AIIMS. "Our team of roughly forty doctors from pediatric neurosurgery, anesthesia, plastic surgery and cardiovascular sciences used the ImmersiveTouch platform to practice the surgery multiple times and plan the most effective surgical roadmap."

Pat Banerjee, founder and CEO, ImmersiveTouch, says "we are committed to providing the next generation of surgeons with enhanced surgical planning, training, and collaboration. It is a great accomplishment for the largest medical institution in India to find value in our product for its world-renowned doctors, and we look forward to further adoption in India."

Contact us for information on our virtual and augmented reality solutions that can increase patient capacity, help educate residents and patients, and reduce surgical planning time.


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