Leica Microsystems Introduces UC Enuity Ultramicrotome for Enhanced Electron Microscopy Preparation

27 March 2024 | Wednesday | News

Next-Generation UC Enuity Sets New Standards in Precision and Accessibility, Offering Unprecedented Automation and Modular Design for Future-Proof Sample Preparation

Leica Microsystems, a leading provider of microscopy and scientific instrumentation, has launched UC Enuity, the next generation ultramicrotome for electron microscopy sample preparation. Building upon the EM UC7 and 70 years of ultramicrotomy history, UC Enuity introduces a significant advancement to the field. With an emphasis on automation, UC Enuity lowers the barrier to entry for researchers and technicians, enabling users of all skill levels to achieve precise and reproducible results with minimal training. Moreover, its modular design not only enhances the user experience but also ensures the ultramicrotome is future-proof, offering the flexibility to upgrade and integrate new features as technology evolves. This innovative approach reaffirms Leica Microsystems' commitment to advancing scientific research by providing cutting-edge tools that are accessible and adaptable to the future needs of the scientific community.


"UC Enuity helps to achieve precise and high-quality results consistently by automating critical steps in sample preparation. This automation makes this technology accessible and embodies our unwavering dedication to empower the scientific community to unlock new discoveries," said James O'Brien, Vice President of Life Sciences at Leica Microsystems. "This built-to-last ultramicrotome has been designed with the future in mind. Researchers will be able to adapt their ultramicrotome as they expand their capabilities and maximize their scientific potential."


Ultramicrotomes from Leica Microsystems have been cited in thousands of scientific publications over the years. Now researchers can experience the future of ultramicrotomy with UC Enuity. This innovative solution will enable them to work smarter with automated technology, achieve cryosectioning consistency and stability, and ultimately, make every section count. For example, to produce ultra-thin sections, they can trim their targets rapidly and reliably with the help of fluorescence and integration of 3D µCT data.  


By helping to free up valuable time and providing high-quality sections, UC Enuity empowers researchers and their teams to gain deeper insights into their research. The adaptable design allows users to upgrade their ultramicrotomes as their research needs grow.


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