Scipio bioscience announces single-cell Grant Program for four researchers valued up to US$30,000

02 December 2022 | Friday | News

Scipio bioscience Announces a Single-Cell Grant Program for Four Researchers to Receive a Complete 3′ scRNA-seq Solution Valued up to US$30,000
 Scipio bioscience's scRNA-seq solution includes the Asteria™ Benchtop Kit and the Cytonaut™ Cloud Analysis Software.

Scipio bioscience's scRNA-seq solution includes the Asteria™ Benchtop Kit and the Cytonaut™ Cloud Analysis Software.

With the debut of its novel single-cell solution and its first Grant Program, Scipio bioscience is creating an era where scRNA-seq is versatile, flexible, and accessible for every lab

Introduced just six months ago, the Scipio bioscience single-cell RNA-seq solution includes the Asteria™ Benchtop Kit and the Cytonaut™ Cloud Analysis Software. This powerful kit and software combination is delivering on the promise of a much-simplified workflow, never-experienced-before flexibility, and greater ease and confidence in data analysis. 

This generous US$30,000 Grant Program is in line with Scipio bioscience’s mission to spread the adoption of single-cell sequencing thanks to its novel benchtop kit for cDNA preparation, and the power of user-friendly software that supports the researcher throughout the entire experimental workflow up to publication. 

Scipio bioscience is giving researchers the opportunity to apply for one of four awards that include everything needed to generate preliminary data within three months to support future funding requests. The entire award package for each grantee includes: 

  • Asteria Benchtop Kits to process up to twelve samples of 5,000 to 15,000 input cells
  • Sequencing costs for all samples 
  • Use of Cytonaut Cloud Software for the entire single-cell analysis workflow, from processing raw sequencing data to producing publishable figures   
  • Technical assistance, from experimental design to data interpretation

The grant recipients will be selected based on need and scientific merit, along with the feasibility and readiness of the study and their ability to publicly share the study results.  

"The Scipio bioscience team is very excited about the push this will give the worthy researchers chosen to receive this high-value grant," stated Pierre Chaumat, VP of Scientific Partnerships. He added, "We’re opening the doors to labs that were previously barred from single-cell research for reasons ranging from limited access to capital equipment or the inability to easily perform data analysis. With this grant, our goal is to democratize single-cell studies and expand the reach of our novel tools to all researchers interested in processing their samples at their benchtop in order to conduct insightful single-cell experiments."   

The deadline for applications is Tuesday, January 31, 2023. All applicants will be entitled to a special discount of 20% through April 30, 2023.   


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