FAPON presents at 41st Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

17 January 2023 | Tuesday | News

FAPON, a leading life sciences company, announced that Mr. Jielun ZHU, the company's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Investment Officer (CIO), has presented at the 41st Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference and shared FAPON's development, achievements and future plans in life sciences. In outlining the company's initiatives to extend its technological advantages from in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) to pharmaceutical and scientific research, the company empowers its global partners in the platform-based ecosystem in pursuit of joint prosperity.

FAPON focuses on three business lines: raw materials and solutions, the IVD ecosystem, and intelligent digital diagnosis & treatment. Supported by its strong global R&D, manufacturing, sales and service network, FAPON's products have established presence in 61 countries and regions, cultivating connections with over 1,500 business partners. As the CFO & CIO of FAPON, Mr. Zhu is currently in charge of financial management, capital market planning and execution, M&A, corporate venture investing and incubation at FAPON. As an expert in life sciences and healthcare, he has over 16 years of experience in investment banking and strategy consulting.

As a leading financial institution in the global biopharma industry, J.P. Morgan hosts the most prestigious annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference every year. This year, the conference at San Francisco welcomed a reported number of around 8,000 attendees, including investors, entrepreneurs and representatives from leading healthcare companies, NPOs and service providers to discuss the future of healthcare.

Leading in the IVD market with advanced technologies and innovative business model

Mr. Zhu pointed out that "Adhering to an innovation-driven development strategy, FAPON has continued to advance in life sciences with technological breakthroughs. Responding to early screening, early diagnosis and precision medicine, FAPON always takes on social responsibilities and contributes to the industry development through innovation."

In the field of IVD raw materials, Fapon Biotech, a subsidiary of FAPON, has built major reagent-solution platforms for immunoassay, molecular diagnostics and biochemical diagnostics based on seven technology platforms such as genetic engineering recombinant and recombinant protein expression, and has developed several core technologies such as magnetic bead particle coating, enzyme and luminescent labeling.

Mr. Zhu said that Fapon Biotech's raw materials enjoy excellent quality and a competitive price. The specificity and sensitivity of its massed-manufactured products have proven themselves to be industry-leading.

Based on its raw materials and IVD solutions, Fapon Biotech is the first to propose an IVD ecosystem. Underpinned by its integrated IVD solutions, Fapon Biotech provides a one-stop solution for open instrument, reagent solutions, and core raw materials. It also aims to expand the third-party partner network for reagent applications, empower midstream manufacturers and sell products to major medical institutions through sales channels to benefit society and achieve joint development with partners.

Mr. Zhu said since its inception, FAPON has focused on addressing the unmet needs in future health management and healthcare, broadening the frontier of life-science technology, and promoting industrial development with innovation in a vision of building a healthy world. In the future, in upholding the mission of "building a better, healthier world," FAPON will continue to stimulate technological innovation in healthcare and provide strong support for businesses in its ecosystem by combining ecosystem services and incubation funds.

Accelerating the development of pharmaceuticals, intelligent digital diagnosis and treatment with corporate incubation and capital investment

Regarding future development, Mr. Zhu drew inspiration from other large-scale and successful life-science and technology companies, pointing out that capital investment is essential for navigating growth and sustainable revenues. Corporate incubation is necessary, but collaborative development and M&A are vital for securing new businesses. FAPON will gradually increase the role of industrial funds and M&A in developing the core business.

Currently, FAPON focuses on developing precision medicine and tapping into AI-based analysis of multi-omics data to champion innovation in digital pathology, advance biological treatment, and the discovery of innovative biomarkers. Such technologies and products are expected to have versatile applications, including precision medicine, cell therapies, targeted therapies, early screening of tumors, precision prediction of diseases, development of therapeutic targets, and precision monitoring of disease progression.

In the pharmaceutical field, FAPON corresponds to needs of the global pharmaceutical industry for innovative development and will use multi-omic data such as genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, metabolomic, and microbiomic data to help bio-pharma and R&D organizations continuously discover innovative and effective drug targets, identify new biomarkers for the sake of more accurate and efficient drug discovery.

In its efforts to integrate diagnosis and treatment, FAPON will adopt AI to build an analysis platform for big data. The accurate collection and deep analysis of multi-omics clinical data will enable FAPON to iterate its products and provide directions on the integration of diagnosis and treatment.

Mr. Zhu said that FAPON has accelerated its business deployment and development through capital investment and financial cooperation. Taking advantage of its core business and strengths, FAPON has launched targeted M&As and is looking for innovative medical and biological companies that are a suitable and strategic fit for FAPON. In the future, FAPON will look to achieving innovation-driven growth through capital.

FAPON will help incubated companies grow rapidly by providing considerable resources such as product channels, production, customers, processes, corporate governance and strategic planning. Such capabilities are key to FAPON's capital investment.

Mr. Zhu stressed in his speech that FAPON's investment philosophy is to create "long-term value" and will not seek short-term value. "We hope to help the invested companies grow by coaching them and providing them with resources and support. We also hope to grow with the companies."


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