Thirty-One mRNA Leaders Launch First Global Organization Dedicated to Advancing mRNA Medicines

02 November 2023 | Thursday | News

Alliance for mRNA Medicines aims to propel mRNA innovation and improve patients’ lives
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

31 biotechnology, biopharma and life science companies and educational institutions at the forefront of mRNA and next-generation encoding RNA therapeutics and vaccine development launched the Alliance for mRNA Medicines (AMM). AMM is the first and only scientific and policy organization singularly focused on advancing and advocating for global mRNA innovation and the sector’s top policy priorities before legislative and regulatory bodies in North America, Europe and Asia.  The Alliance issued its announcement at the 11th International mRNA Health Conference in Berlin, Germany.

“This is a pivotal moment for mRNA medicines,” said Andy Geall, Chairman of the AMM Board and Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer of Replicate Bioscience. “The pandemic shone a bright light on the vast potential of mRNA technology to prevent disease and save lives. With the founding of the Alliance for mRNA Medicines, our community is now poised to champion scientific standards and public policies that will spur future mRNA breakthroughs –  from halting chronic disease to erasing cancer.  I am honored to lead the Alliance and to support AMM members in shaping the future of mRNA medicines.”

“mRNA science is already revolutionizing drug and vaccine development – and transforming our capacity to improve public health,” said Roberta Duncan, AMM Board Member and Vice President, mRNA Program, with CSL. “Harnessing the full potential of this groundbreaking platform will require the shared commitment of scientists, policymakers, biotechnology and biopharma companies, governments and patients. AMM is the ideal organization to lead this critical effort – and I’m proud to help advance its mission for the benefit of patients worldwide.”

Alliance members represent some of the most recognized mRNA innovators in the field. Bringing the best minds together, AMM aims to overcome the most critical obstacles inhibiting the advancement of mRNA research, development and manufacturing.

AMM’s founding members include:


The Alliance for mRNA Medicines (AMM) is the leading global organization dedicated to

advancing and advocating for mRNA and next-generation encoding RNA therapeutics and

vaccines for the benefit of patients, public health, and society. Our mission is to propel the future of mRNA medicine, improve patients’ lives, and advance scientific knowledge by convening and empowering mRNA industry leaders, innovators, scientists, and other key stakeholders.


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