Indivumed becomes Indivumed Therapeutics to advance Precision Oncology with Data and AI

05 April 2023 | Wednesday | News

Sale of Indivumed's Service Business to Crown Bioscience Enables Creation of Oncology R&D Powerhouse
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

After twenty years as one of the first personalized oncology companies, Indivumed today announced its evolution into Indivumed Therapeutics after the acquisition of Indivumed Services GmbH and its CRO service offerings by Crown Bioscience. Indivumed Therapeutics emerges as an oncology biotech company focused fully on biomarker and therapeutic target discovery and validation, drug development, and clinical trial performance. Indivumed Therapeutics will continue utilizing its global clinical network for biospecimen and clinical data collection to grow its unique multi-omics database using its AI-driven discovery and development platform for novel therapies in oncology.

"Indivumed's success over the last twenty years has been possible due to our constant focus on highly standardized sample and clinical data collection through a global clinical network. It is amazing to see how our clinically anchored quality approach, combined with AI-empowered data analytics, pays off and drives reliable target discovery with incredible speed. Now, we partner with biotech, pharma and diagnostic companies providing for their development programs a broad range of novel therapeutic targets with a high probability of clinical success. We ourselves will focus on distinct targets for lead compound and diagnostic signature development to directly impact cancer therapy." said Prof. Dr. Hartmut Juhl, CEO and Founder of Indivumed.

Indivumed Therapeutics will accelerate cancer drug development through its AI-driven analysis platform, nRavel®, by linking in-silico target discovery and development with matched patient-derived tumor models for downstream target and lead compound validation. The company will drive multi-omics oncology R&D by leveraging its partnerships with leading cancer clinics in Europe, The Americas, and Asia to further expand its database and drive preclinical and clinical development programs.

Indivumed Therapeutics has already identified numerous potential predictive and diagnostic targets and biomarkers of which several have been selected for biological validation and lead compound development. Several patents have already been filed and Indivumed Therapeutics proceeds with the identification process for additional targets and biomarkers. The business focus will be out-licensing of validated targets, lead compounds, and biomarkers at different development stages. All this in close partnerships with academia, biotech, and pharma companies to increase the probability of achieving the ultimate goal of advancing Precision Oncology for the cure of cancer.


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