TCI Unveils VeCollal®: Biomimetic Collagen Mirroring Human Collagen, Validated by Belgian Clinical Study

12 July 2023 | Wednesday | News

VeCollal®, located in Belgium, is a renowned global leader in developing collagen sourced from non-animal origins. The company possesses a strong scientific background and comprehensive clinical trial data. Dr. Josué Vázquez, the Chief Scientist of VeCollal®, is well-known for his expertise in biomaterials and tissue engineering, holding a Ph.D. in Tissue Engineering and Precision Medicine. Through precise molecular-level analysis of amino acid sequences, VeCollal® has completely reproduced the amino acid composition found in human collagen; the purity and quality has been recognized by international supplement and beauty brands.

In recent years, the growing awareness among consumers regarding environmental protection and health has driven the demand for vegan collagen. This growing awareness has prompted TCI to form a strategic alliance and become the exclusive distributor for VeCollal® in Asia. In-vitro tests have shown a 135% increase in collagen secretion with VeCollal® compared to untreated skin fibroblasts. Through clinical trials conducted in medical institutions, TCI has observed significant improvements in various skin parameters after eight weeks of daily consumption of 5g of VeCollal®. These include a 13.1% reduction in skin texture, a 14.2% reduction in wrinkles. Hydration, skin tone, and pore problems have been improved in the clinical trial as well.

VeCollal® offers better choices for consumers with different lifestyles, providing a viable alternative for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet to enjoy the benefits of collagen supplements of non-animal origin. Committed to marine conservation, VeCollal® does not depend on marine resources and guarantee a pure origin to achieve its high quality and stability. 

Compared to bovine collagen, VeCollal® reduces carbon footprint by 15%, resulting in approximately 12,039 metric tons of CO2 emissions reduction when producing 500 metric tons of VeCollal®. In terms of land and water resource consumption, compared to bovine collagen, producing 500 metric tons of VeCollal® reduces water resources used by approximately 6,874 metric tons. Recently, VeCollal® was awarded the Green Product Winner at the European Green Award and was also receiving the commended award at the World Dairy Innovation Awards. The accomplishments reflected the high recognition VeCollal® has received from international industry experts. 


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