Illumina and HaploX Collaborate on Benchtop Sequencing System

13 December 2023 | Wednesday | News

Illumina, a global leader in DNA sequencing and array-based technologies, and HaploX, a China-based high-tech company specializing in oncology liquid biopsy and genetic big data, jointly announced the official launch of the first NextSeq™ 2000Dx-CN-HAP, a domestically-produced genetic sequencing system, in Shenzhen.

This marks a new stage in the strategic partnership between the two companies. In the future, Illumina and HaploX will take the localized manufacturing of high-end life science instruments as a new starting point, focus on scientific research and innovation, and leverage the advantages of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (hereinafter referred to as "the Greater Bay Area"), to jointly support the development of China's life sciences and medical innovation into a new stage.

According to the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, by 2035, the development of the Greater Bay Area will be primarily driven by innovation, and it will take deep participation in international cooperation to build an international science and technology innovation center, enhancing global influence. Shenzhen, as a central point in the regional science and technology innovation landscape, gathers international innovation resources and focuses on emerging industries such as high-performance medical devices, genetic sequencing, bioinformatics analysis, etc., aiming to create a new highland for biomedical innovation in China.

Max Ma, Sales Vice President and Interim Head of Region for Greater China, Illumina, said, "Shenzhen is renowned as the 'City of Dreams' in China, and we are thrilled to witness the official launch of the new domestically produced flagship benchtop sequencing system here with HaploX. This is another important milestone for Illumina's localization in China, but also signifies a new chapter ahead in our collaboration with HaploX. In the future, we will cooperate closely with HaploX to continuously explore innovation in business models, empower the local ecosystem, and jointly serve the rapid development of scientific research and clinical fields in China."

Dr. Mingyan Xu, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of HaploX, said, "As a leading sci-tech start-up in the Greater Bay Area, HaploX is committed to becoming a globally leading biotech company, aiming to provide more efficient and high-quality solutions for the development of precision medicine and personalized treatment in the field of oncology. We are pleased to maintain a long-term and close collaborative partnership with Illumina. It marks not only a continuation of the past but also the beginning of a new chapter today, as the official localized manufacturing of NextSeq™ 2000Dx-CN-HAP will further drive HaploX's strategic transformation from a provider of genetic testing services to a developer of clinical application products, exploring broader market prospects and sharing the burgeoning opportunities in the Greater Bay Area's scientific and technological innovation."

NextSeq™ 2000 sequencing system incorporates over 75 technological innovations and integrates bioinformatics analysis capabilities with the onboard DRAGEN™ server, enabling complete library amplification, sequencing, and rapid genomic analysis in a one-stop manner. With flexible throughput and read length options, convenient operation, and a compact benchtop design suitable for laboratory deployment of various scales and scenarios, the system brings customers an accurate, flexible, fast, and user-friendly sequencing experience. NextSeq™ 2000 sequencing system has previously been awarded the internationally recognized Red Dot Design Award for its outstanding product design, efficient and intelligent modular design, and user-friendly experience.

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