Atropos Health and Mayo Clinic Collaborate to Bring Real-World Evidence to Patient Bedside

14 November 2022 | Monday | News

Accelerating access to evidence-based care, on pace with clinical demand
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

 Atropos Health, leader in leveraging real-world evidence at the point of care, announces a collaboration with Mayo Clinic Platforma strategic initiative of Mayo Clinic to improve health care through insights and knowledge derived from data. The collaboration aims to develop new care techniques and best practices that improve health equity by delivering rapid care to historically under-represented patients.

The parties are collaborating to allow physicians and researchers on Atropos Health's platform, regardless of specialty or location, access to Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover, a large repository of deidentified data and sophisticated analytical tools. Then they can derive answers to critical questions using the Atropos' Prognostograms – a digital consult. While it typically takes weeks to determine the best course of treatment for an individual with a challenging case, the Prognostogram leverages millions of deidentified patient records from a variety of sources to advise clinicians action with evidence, in a matter of days.

"This pioneering technology can find answers locked in patient data and research that may not reach mainstream care for years," explained Brigham Hyde, CEO of Atropos Health. "Atropos dramatically speeds up the process, saving the lives of patients who need critical care."

The Atropos technology will bolster care delivery and outcomes nationwide by offering physicians a detailed, accurate consultation to even the most obscure medical questions, and potentially discovering emergent treatments in the process. "The wealth of real-world evidence at Mayo Clinic would make the Prognostogram more efficient at advising physicians as they deliver care. In turn, this could empower Mayo Clinic to make new discoveries, develop new treatments, and improve patient health all over the globe," Hyde added.

The technology began as a research project at Stanford University when doctors postulated the idea of pushing a "Green Button'' to immediately receive answers to complex questions regarding patient care. Atropos Health's collaboration with Mayo Clinic represents the latest real-world use of the technology. A demonstration of a Prognosotogram digital consult can be viewed here.

"We are pleased to collaborate with Atropos Health through Mayo Clinic Platform_Discover's curated data and analytical tools," says Steven Bethke, Vice President, Product Portfolio, Mayo Clinic Platform. "The goal of the pilot is to help unlock insights that will accelerate better care for many people," Bethke says.

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