Indegene launches Metaverse capabilities to help life sciences companies create immersive healthcare experiences

21 February 2023 | Tuesday | News

Indegene, a digital-first, life sciences commercialization company today announced the launch of metaverse capabilities to support life sciences organizations with a variety of use cases, including health care provider (HCP) interactions, HCP education, and patient education.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

Indegene’s domain expertise will provide life sciences organizations a foundation for navigating the complexity of this emerging technology and the flexibility to create tailored virtual worlds. Using these, life sciences organizations can foster immersive healthcare experiences, like interactions with HCPs in a virtual medical congress, meeting for a virtual educational lecture, or facilitating interactions in a virtual patient hub.

“Life sciences organizations are looking to reimagine healthcare interactions and be ahead of the curve. Providing new ways to connect, educate, and lead transformation using virtual and augmented reality can help solve some of their key business challenges,” said Gaurav Kapoor, Executive Vice President, Indegene, Inc. “We are excited to bring to our clients the ability to create immersive experiences to aid seamless and richer engagements with HCPs and patients. Indegene’s metaverse capabilities to design highly personalized virtual worlds, coupled with our experience and deep domain expertise, enables life sciences companies to be future ready.”

“Metaverse has the potential to be a game changer in the education industry. Its intrinsic nature opens the door for a new dimension of how knowledge can be shared and measured,” said Gustavo Kesselring, Vice President, External Affairs, at IFAPP Academy. “In the near future, its gamification features can be used to transform the way we have taught and evaluated for more than a hundred years, and the early adopters will benefit the most.”

Indegene is a member of the Metaverse Standards Forum, a cross-industry forum designed to foster cooperation and interoperability standards for an open metaverse. The company has been named a Leader in Everest Group’s Life Sciences Commercial Services Specialists PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022.

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