BOC Sciences Introduces a Novel XDC Bioconjugation Platform to Advance Biomedical Research

25 August 2023 | Friday | News

BOC Sciences, a leading supplier of research chemicals and custom services, has unveiled its innovative XDC bioconjugation platform, providing a significant tool for drug delivery.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

The newly developed XDC bioconjugation platform offered by BOC Sciences introduces a range of advanced technologies and optimized protocols, revolutionizing the process of linking compounds to biomolecules. By leveraging cutting-edge conjugation methods, targeting drug delivery solutions, and RNAi delivery systems, scientists can gain unprecedented control over the design and synthesis of bioconjugates.


Conjugation Methods

Traditional bioconjugation methods have certain drawbacks, such as off-target toxicity, decreased coupling stability, and potential loss of biological activity. Addressing these limitations, BOC Sciences' XDC bioconjugation platform utilizes a variety of site-specific conjugation methods including unnatural amino acids incorporation, engineered cysteine conjugation, enzyme-assisted ligation, glycan remodeling, and glycoconjugation generation. 


Targeting Drug Delivery

The XDC bioconjugation platform also offers comprehensive targeting strategies that enable drugs to be delivered specifically to the desired site of action. Take antibody-drug conjugates, the commonly studied subject of XDCs, as an example, BOC Sciences has developed chemical or enzymatic approaches or combinations thereof to precisely modify specific amino acids to produce ADCs with accurate drug loading and predefined, controlled attachment sites.


To provide optimal targeting molecules, BOC Sciences experts must consider factors including effectiveness, ability to penetrate cells, potential immune response, molecular size, simplicity of synthesis, and expense. Following these guidelines, its XDC platform is now able to manufacture abundant quality drug carriers, consisting of antibodies, antibody fragments, peptides, and oligonucleotides. 


RNAi Delivery

It's also noteworthy that the XDC platform offers a hopeful way of refining intracellular drug-targeted delivery through the chemical modification of siRNAs to create conjugates. These conjugates of siRNAs like GalNAc-siRNA conjugates and antibody-siRNA conjugates exhibit improved characteristics in terms of pharmacokinetics, cellular absorption, specificity towards the target, and safety. 


Dr. Carrie Taylor, BOC Sciences spokesperson, emphasized the importance of this XDC bioconjugation platform. He stated, "Our leading technology aims to address scientists' challenges in the field of bioconjugation. By minimizing off-target toxicity and improving coupling stability, we believe that the XDC bioconjugation platform will significantly contribute to the development of more efficient biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic tools."


With the release of the game-changing XDC bioconjugation platform, BOC Sciences reaffirms its commitment to driving innovation and empowering researchers in their quest for breakthrough discoveries in biomedical science. "It is now all set to serve researchers' diverse bioconjugation needs," the spokesperson said to the scientists.



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