Molecule partners to develop Web3-based ecosystem addressing inefficiencies in biopharma R&D

22 February 2022 | Tuesday | News

Molecule, a biotech IP Web3 marketplace, announces a tripartite partnership with Apollo Health Ventures, a leading longevity-focused venture capital fund, and VitaDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization funding early-stage longevity biotech ("LongBio") R&D.

VitaDAO and Molecule collaboratively source geroscience assets and finance R&D at universities, institutes, and biotech companies. VitaDAO has a worldwide network of >4,000 community members engaged in sourcing and evaluating early stage longevity biotech assets. Apollo and VitaDAO will collaborate on financing and building the LongBio ecosystem. By connecting a leading LongBio VC to the DeSci (decentralized science) movement, this partnership is a major milestone for the greater decentralized ecosystem.

There are inefficiencies in biopharma R&D and university tech transfer that new Web3 marketplace tools will address. Molecule has pioneered a new type of liquid asset class, the IP-NFT (a non fungible token that holds intellectual property) that is one such tool. With new forms of governance via DAOs, such as VitaDAO, and valuation of IP, such as IP-NFTs, moves early-stage intellectual property into Web3 to allow for greater liquidity, discoverability, and reduced legal complexity by standardizing licensing terms.


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