SomaLogic and Korea’s DNA Link Join Forces to Expand SomaScan® Platform in Asia-Pacific Proteomics Market

20 September 2023 | Wednesday | News

DNA Link will bring the power of the largest proteomics platform available to their biomarker discovery and drug development work
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

SomaLogic Inc., (Nasdaq:SLGC), a leader in data-driven proteomics technology,  announced its partnership with DNA Link, an innovator in personalized and precision medicine, to offer the 7,000-plex SomaScan® platform to their customers. DNA Link will be the first SomaLogic authorized site in Korea.

“Over the past 20 years, DNA Link has cultivated a reputation for generating and interpreting high-quality genomic data,” said Chief Executive Officer of DNA Link, Lee Jong-eun. “By bringing expanded proteomics capabilities through SomaLogic to our offerings, we can add to our abilities in biomarker discovery and drug development in Korea and across Asia, ultimately contributing to improving human health and quality of life.”

SomaLogic’s 7,000-plex SomaScan assay will significantly expand DNA Link’s proteomics capabilities in its laboratory in Seoul, Korea. DNA Link has been conducting genomics research from its labs for more than two decades with a focus on genetic epidemiology, drug development and personalized medicine. Their multiomics offerings are available in Korea and across Asia.

DNA Link joins Biostar in China, Molecular Genomics in Singapore and FonesLife in Japan as SomaLogic authorized sites in the APAC region.

“Korea is a major contributor to the fast-growing proteomics market in the Asia Pacific region due to an increase in research funding, especially around personalized therapeutics and the growing awareness of proteomics technology and what it can offer,” said SomaLogic Chief Executive Officer Adam Taich. “We’re looking forward to supporting DNA Link in expanding the use of proteomics for research in this region.”

For more than twenty years, SomaLogic has grown from its roots in the research lab to become a global leader in proteomics with technology that delivers the quality and quantity of biological insights life science researchers need - from lab to last mile.

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