Seegene Strengthens ESG Commitment with 100% Recyclable, Styrofoam-Free Shipping Boxes in South Korea

19 October 2023 | Thursday | News

Seegene Inc. (KQ096530), a leading South Korean company providing a total solution for PCR molecular diagnostics, announced that it has successfully developed 100% recyclable packaging for its diagnostic kits to reduce waste and preemptively meet evolving global environmental policies. This initiative is part of Seegene's ongoing commitment to good environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).

  • 100% recyclable package made with eco-friendly and FSC-certified materials to proactively meet evolving global environmental regulations
  • Patent design provides a 30% increase in load capacity and an up to 52% reduction in transportation costs
  • This initiative is part of Seegene's efforts to respond to climate change and realize a "world free from all diseases"

Seegene's eco-friendly shipping box is composed of 12-paper layers, biodegradable films, recycled PET packaging, a vacuum insulation panel, dry ice, and ice packs. The materials are either 100% renewable or certified as "green" via organizations such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Ministry of Environment in Korea.

Each of Seegene's eco-friendly shipping box can hold up to 24 kits –– 30% more than the existing Styrofoam packaging allows. The increased loading capacity allows the company to reduce transportation costs by up to 52%. Most importantly for product transportation, the box can maintain the necessary temperature (below 4°C) for 140 hours, which is 15% longer than the existing box.

To perfect the quality of the packaging, Seegene's eco-friendly shipping box went through seven performance tests under the procedures of the International Safe Transport Association (ISTA) 7D. It also passed the performance test of an accredited testing agency designated by the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS).  

Seegene filed its eco-friendly shipping box for domestic patent in November 2022, and filed an international application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on October 13. 

"With enhanced global environmental regulations, it is not an option but a must for companies to use eco-friendly materials," said Kim Sang-gyon, team manager of Seegene's logistics operation team. "To overcome this challenge, we developed an eco-friendly shipping box last year to deliver our products oversees in the best possible condition. It's 100% recyclable and more efficient than the conventional Styrofoam shipping boxes. Initial customer feedback has been very positive."

Recently, governments worldwide have signed environmental regulations into law, including the European Union (EU) and the United States, which call for strengthened management of environmental protection in line with the Supply Chain Act. Last October, the EU announced Proposal Packaging and Packaging Waste (PPWR) to specifically limit the use of materials that contribute to pollution such as Styrofoam.

"In order to realize a 'world free from all diseases' that Seegene pursues, everyone must be committed to preserving the ecosystem and preventing climate change by protecting our environment," said the company official. "We will continue to carry out eco-friendly activities in line with our ESG philosophy, which reflects a social consensus."

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