SK Telecom Launches AI-Based Veterinary X-Ray Service 'X Caliber' in Australia

29 May 2024 | Wednesday | News

SKT Partners with ATX Medical Solutions and MEDIVET to Expand Cutting-Edge Pet Diagnostic Technology in Australia and Indonesia
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

  • In collaboration with ATX Medical Solutions, SKT launches X Caliber in Australia, which has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world
  • SKT also inked a commercial contract with MEDIVET Pet Hospital & Clinic to offer X Caliber in Indonesia.

SK Telecom announced that it officially launched its AI-based veterinary X-ray image diagnosis assistance service 'X Caliber' in Australia.

X Caliber is an innovative service that uses AI to analyze X-ray images of dogs/cats within around 15 seconds. Since X Caliber uses cloud to store and retrieve data, there is no need to install a separate server within the hospital. Veterinarians can examine the results of the AI-based image diagnosis on their mobile devices or PCs anywhere, anytime. The sensitivity of X Caliber stands at 86-94%: 94% for detection of 16 different abnormal patterns from abdominal X-ray images of dogs; 88% for detection of 10 different abnormal patterns from chest X-ray images of dogs; and 86% for detection of 7 different abnormalities from musculoskeletal X-ray images of dogs.

Since entering a strategic partnership with ATX Medical Solutions ("ATX"), a leading provider of medical devices in Australia, in November 2023, SKT has been working closely with ATX to prepare for the commercial launch of the service by running beta tests. With today's official launch, X Caliber can be used by over 100 veterinary clinics in Australia.

Australia is a pet-loving country with one of the world's highest pet ownership rates. Over two thirds of households are estimated to own a pet, with the total number of pets standing at around 29 million as of January 2024. The average number of pets per household in Australia is 1.3 dogs and 1.6 cats.

SKT and ATX will also be attending the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Conference 2024, one of the largest gatherings of veterinary professionals in Australia, in Melbourne from May 27-31, to introduce X Caliber to veterinarians.

Moreover, SKT announced that it signed a commercial contract with MEDIVET Pet Hospital & Clinic, Indonesia's largest premium veterinary hospital chain, to provide X Caliber to MEDIVET's hospital. The company sees this deal as a good opportunity to introduce X Caliber not only to Indonesia, but also to the rest of the Southeast Asian market.

Meanwhile, SKT is currently actively providing beta service to veterinary clinics in North AmericaEurope, and Asia to further expand X Caliber's presence in the global market.


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