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29 June 2022 | Wednesday | Product Spotlight

Providing beginning-to-end solutions for your development needs, the Gibco CHO media offering supports superior outcomes for a variety of workflows and CHO cell lines, simplifying your process and accelerating time to market.

Full process support with High-Intensity Perfusion™ CHO Medium

Gibco High-Intensity Perfusion (HIP) CHO Medium is innovative, chemically defined, and animal-origin free (AOF). Supporting every stage of your workflow, HIP CHO media can:

  • Work with numerous CHO clones and a variety of processes
  • Improve process efficiency by supporting high cell densities at low medium exchange rates
  • Meet process needs with flexible reconstituted concentrations

This easy-to-use medium is formulated to provide exceptional performance, so you can focus on advancing your product.

Future-proof your workflow with ExpiCHO™ Medium 

Ready-to-use and chemically defined, the ExpiCHO Medium is a core component of the ExpiCHO Expression System Kit for scalable transient protein production. Free from serum, protein, and animal products, this medium is specifically designed for high-density growth and transfection of suspension-adapted CHO cells, enabling you to future-proof your workflow for scale-up down the line.

Power up your development with Dynamis™ Medium  

With the power to achieve high titers, fast process development, and seamless scale-up, Dynamis Medium is designed to offer the highest performance and yield with recombinant CHO cells. The chemically defined, protein-free, animal origin–free formulation has been shown to achieve 74% higher titers compared to the next-best competitor and maintain high cell density and viability.

Incorporate AGT™ media to optimize your process 

Each product listed above is also available in Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT) dry media format. By dissolving rapidly for faster media preparation, the AGT format enables increased productivity with reduced downtime. AGT media are also pH and osmolality pre-adjusted and offer all the benefits of liquid media without the cost, storage, and transportation issues, resulting in a simple and scalable reconstitution process.


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