Effort to reduce burden of disease in Australia shines spotlight on natural medicine to support liver health

07 December 2021 | Tuesday | Analysis

Increased alcohol consumption during the pandemic calls for health focus on liver Ancient evidence-based herbal remedy in the spotlight to support liver health
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

The prevalence of liver health issues is emerging as a serious cost and health burden for Australia with the spotlight on evidence-based natural ingredients that might help support liver health and possibly assist in reducing the burden of the disease[i].

A new Victorian study published in the Medical Journal of Australia[ii] this year reveals that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) - the most common liver problem globally[iii] - among adults in regional Victoria is high, is strongly associated with metabolic risk factors such as obesity and hypertension, and shows indicators of liver conditions were more frequent.

The findings foreshadow significant public health implications for Australia in the coming decade. Addressing increasing rates of obesity and diabetes, along with lifestyle modification and potential therapeutic options, might be essential for mitigating the disease burden.

Clinicians are increasingly shining the spotlight on the clinical application of one of the primary, complementary liver-health supporting therapies known as milk thistle (Silybum marianum) in health protocols of some common liver ailments. Milk thistle is derived from the milk thistle plant which has been shown in scientific studies[iv] to support the improvement of liver function and health.

One of the leading global producers of evidence-based vitamin and mineral supplements including milk thistle, BYHEALTH, has cemented itself as a trailblazer in the complementary medicine landscape.

To give consumers peace of mind about the purity and quality of its supplements, BYHEALTH has pioneered the world's first 'Transparent' Manufacturing Factory and Nutrition Exploratorium, where customers are invited to walk through and view the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.

Consumers can have confidence in the high-grade quality of BYHEALTH's raw materials, with the unique capacity to trace, throughout the supply chain the provenance of its evidence-based ingredients.

The pandemic has presented multiple health challenges due to lengthy lockdowns, including increased consumption of alcohol and Australians have become more sedentary, putting pressure on wellbeing overall including the liver, with a call for a preventive approach to balanced approach to lifestyle firmly on the health agenda.

BYHEALTH's milk thistle is rich in antioxidants which have the potential to support liver health which may be affected by free radicals, and are produced when the liver metabolises toxic substances.


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