Veeva Systems Finds Digital Content More Effective Than In-Person Meetings in Biopharma Industry

20 April 2023 | Thursday | News

Significant opportunity for biopharmas as only 39% of HCP meetings across the globe today present digital content

 Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) today released the latest Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report, the largest analysis of global healthcare professional (HCP) engagement across the biopharma industry. Data shows that leveraging digital content during in-person and video meetings achieves better promotional responses than those that do not use digital content.

Using digital content in HCP meetings has a significant, measurable impact. Veeva Pulse insights show successful field teams share content four times more than companies that don't, creating a clear advantage. Yet, more than 60% of field engagements across the industry don't use digital content, missing an opportunity to make the most of limited and timely exchanges with HCPs.

"Veeva Pulse data shows that field teams are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of leveraging digital content during in-person and video meetings," said Shafi Hussain, Veeva Asia business consulting lead. "In markets like Japan and Korea, we're also seeing a rise in field teams leveraging digital platforms such as Veeva Engage."

Veeva Pulse analysis shows digital content used during meetings in APAC, Korea and Japan is a key lever to increase field effectiveness and drive more impactful conversations:

  • Field teams in APAC used the most content when interacting with HCPs through Veeva Engage, as compared to other video channels. Content utilization in the region was the highest when sales reps leveraged Veeva Engage, with 88% of all meetings with HCPs using digital content. Overall, reps shared digital content more frequently through video channels than through in-person meetings.
  • Field teams in Australia engage with HCPs the most on digital platforms, followed by teams in the Philippines and Japan. Email and virtual meeting tools such as Veeva Engage are the most preferred HCP communication channels in these markets. In Australia, the average time for HCP interaction is up to 17 minutes, the longest of all the markets.

Across the globe, Veeva Pulse analysis also shows that digital content continues to drive more personalized experiences with HCPs and better sales outcomes:

  • High-impact content drives HCP engagement. In the last year, biopharmas across the globe created 20% more content. Yet, of all the content created by field teams, 77% is rarely or never used. This indicates a need for companies to focus their content strategy on developing fewer assets that are proven effective in advancing relevant engagements with HCPs.
  • Successful teams use content four times more. Field reps that use digital content the most outpace four times others who don't frequently leverage it. Field teams have room for growth, currently sharing digital content in just 39% of meetings, despite its proven effectiveness.

Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report

Analyzing over 600 million HCP interactions and activities annually from more than 80% of commercial biopharma field teams worldwide, the Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report is the largest industry benchmark of its kind on HCP engagement. The analysis compiles real-time transactional data recorded in Veeva CRM to deliver a view of engagement activity across life sciences. Indexed by Veeva quarterly, the data helps companies effectively and accurately benchmark performance to set the right, actionable goals for continued growth and impact.


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