Vietnam's Coronavirus immunization set to start stage 3 preliminaries in June

29 May 2021 | Saturday | News

Vietnam's locally evolved Coronavirus antibody, Nano Covax, will start Stage 3 of clinical preliminaries in June including up to 13,000 volunteers.


This follows promising outcomes found in the initial two stages.

The Public Morals Council in Biomedical Exploration under the Service of Wellbeing said it has concurred on a fundamental level for the last stage in human preliminaries of the sub-unit immunization dependent on recombinant DNA/protein innovation created by HCM City-based biopharmaceutical organization Nanogen.

Specialists need to present some more reports this week for the service to survey and authoritatively greenlight the preliminaries.

Stage 3 will be isolated into more modest fragments – with the first including some 800-1,000 enrolled chips in and will progressively grow to bigger gatherings in future portions.

The Vietnam Military Foundation in Hanoi and Hưng Yên Region's wellbeing experts in the north, alongside and HCM City Pasteur Establishment and Long An Area's wellbeing specialists will help oversee the immunizations in volunteers and screen reactions.

The ideal measurements for the stage 3 will be 25mcg. Every one of the three measurements of 25mcg, 50mcg, and 75mcg of the immunization tested in the initial two stages gave to a great extent comparative degree of resistant reactions against Covid (SARS-CoV-2) so the panel picked the most minimal dose to save money on materials.


Phase 2 of human trials, involved 554 people including 108 elderly, was completed on April 8 this year but monitoring of the volunteers’ health for effectiveness and potential side effects could last up to a year. So far the results have been quite promising, the committee said.

The immune response increased by 60 times 35 days after the first shot in some volunteers, and the protection level remains at 34 times the normal level after three months.

All volunteers injected with the jabs produced immune response against the virus.

The vaccine has the capacity to generate neutralising antibodies against the original version of coronavirus first found in China’s Wuhan as well as mutant variants first identified in South Africa during phase 2 trials, but more studies in phase 3 are needed to clarify how effective it could be against the Indian variant that is wreaking havoc across the northern region of Vietnam in the fourth wave of infections.

After injection, volunteers exhibited symptoms such as pain at the injection point, light fever, muscle aches, joint pain, and fatigue, which are typical post-injection reactions. However they did not require medical intervention.

If things go well, phase 3 trials could conclude by the end of September and commercial production could start soon after.

There have been talks earlier this week about using Nano Covax on a wider scale in case of severe outbreaks, similar to how Russia's Spunit V, the world's earliest Covid-19 vaccine to be approved and still one of the most effective, is administered on general population when data from phase 3 have not been fully available.


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