Enzymatica and STADA extend agreement on ViruProtect to Vietnam

14 July 2021 | Wednesday | News

Enzymatica AB and STADA are expanding their successful commercial partnership for ViruProtect to cover Vietnam. The agreement builds on the two companies’ existing successful partnership to market ViruProtect, a medical device mouth spray for treating and alleviating common colds, in more than 40 countries worldwide. Following local registration, STADA intends to introduce ViruProtect in Vietnam next year.
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

  • Enzymatica has licensed to STADA exclusive rights to market and sell ViruProtect® (distributed by Enzymatica as ColdZyme®) in Vietnam.
  • The agreement builds on the two companies’ existing successful partnership to market ViruProtect, a medical device for treating and alleviating common colds, in approximately 40 countries worldwide.
  • Extending the partnership will leverage Enyzmatica’s technological expertise with STADA’s substantial commercial footprint and sales and marketing infrastructure in Vietnam through its STADA Vietnam and Pymepharco subsidiaries.

Under the terms of the extended partnership, Enzymatica will supply ViruProtect for STADA Vietnam to distribute and market in Vietnam through its extensive marketing and sales network. Through its STADA Vietnam and Pymepharco subsidiaries, STADA is among the 10 leading companies in Vietnam’s pharmaceuticals sector, with nationwide coverage of both retail and hospital channels. With a growing portfolio of non-prescription brands, the company intends to become a top-five player in Vietnam’s consumer healthcare market.

Estimates value Vietnam’s growing consumer healthcare market at around EUR2 billion per year. Within the Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) category of primary care, pharynx supportive therapies generate annual sales of more than EUR20 million. Through the innovative ViruProtect mouth sprays, STADA intends to offer an attractive alternative to both oral topical or solution products as a pioneer in healthy ENT care for the Vietnamese public.

Carsten Cron, STADA’s Head of Emerging Markets, sees ViruProtect as a highly attractive addition to STADA’s consumer healthcare portfolio in Vietnam“As a major investor in Vietnam’s pharmaceutical sector for more than 20 years, STADA is ideally placed to bring this innovative product to consumers and pharmacists as a go-to-partner in Vietnam,” he insists. “By combining the introduction of STADA’s international brands such as Natures Aid and Walmark food supplements with licensing partnerships for appealing products such as ViruProtect, STADA is increasingly offering Vietnam’s pharmacists and consumers an attractive range of consumer healthcare brands they can trust.”

“We are very pleased to have achieved the extended agreement with STADA. With its strong market position in Vietnam, we see good opportunities for ViruProtect to become a well-established brand in the cough & cold market,” says Kristoffer Ahlerup, Commercial Director at Enzymatica.

ViruProtect – also marketed as ColdZyme® in certain markets – is a class III medical device containing glycerol and the natural enzyme trypsin. In in vitro studies, the cold spray was effective against over 90% of main cold-causing viruses.[1] Studies have shown that the spray can shorten the duration of common cold in comparison to placebo


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