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28 September 2021 | Tuesday | News

NIKYANG's Innovation is Far More Than Just Automation
Image Source : Public Domain

Image Source : Public Domain

NIKYANG made a stunning appearance at the 19th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA 2021) with its latest innovative laboratory automation solutions that are essentially used for the drug R&D analysis and sample preparation of Chinese and Western medicines.

Being versatile in laboratory automation for more than 20 years, NIKYANG has been providing products and services to research institutes in pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, new energy and novel materials areas. This year, NIKYANG has gone beyond the ordinary booth environment and deployed AR (Augmented Reality) technology to amplify its message and fascinate audiences in a better and differentiated brand experience. Also, NIKYANG demonstrated a number of sophisticated instruments and high-throughput solutions to the Chinese audiences. These instruments, including Chemspeed FLEX high-throughput automation platform, SOTAX AT50 Automatic tablet hardness testing system, SOTAX TPW automatic sample preparation workstation and CAMAG HPTLC PRO fully automatic digital thin-layer chromatography system, are equipped with powerful data analytics functions which help improve the laboratory management and scientific research efficiency. What makes it even more special is that NIKYANG introduced Chemspeed's newest product, Chemspeed CRYSTALCUBE POWDERDOSE, which has a built-in touch interface and a balance for accurate and precise dispensing.

Eric Wong, CEO and founder of NIKYANG, added, "In the era of big data and artificial intelligence, laboratory automation is imperative. Essentially, besides advancing from inefficient and repetitive manual operations into high-throughput automated operations to improve the quality of experiments, indeed the data integrity brought by automation can create in-depth value for research and development. Laboratory automation technology is already matured in the European and the United States markets. We definitely believe that the automation products and solutions provided by NIKYANG can accelerate the innovation and R&D for domestic laboratories."

Though hindrances still remain in the development of lab digitization, NIKYANG will continue to devote its expertise to reform laboratories by embracing advanced digital technology and laboratory automation.


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